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Possible return

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#1 Metaleux


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Posted 11 July 2017 - 03:08 AM

Hey these past few weeks I've been thinking about playing rose again (casually), and I saw there are sales on the IM skills so this might be the opportunity.


So I'm looking for a clan where I could get advice, with the end goal going back to pvp. I checked the thread for returning players and it is quite helpful, but as I am a complete noob now I'm sure a personal coach will do no harm xd.


Also I wanted to play a gun bourg but I logged briefly in game to check different sets and the glorious raider seems pretty OP on paper. Are gun bourgs any good atm ? If anyone could briefly tell me what the situation in game is pvpwise.


Thanks for your help, I'll be looking forward to finding people I use to play with, or against. Hope I can stay for longer than a week this time.




Just thought maybe I should have posted this in newbie zone, move it where ever it belongs

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#2 iMatt


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Posted 11 July 2017 - 05:48 AM

Bonjour John,


you could join Revelation (PvP focused clan) Kigen (PvP focused clan) or Aura (just a biiiiiiiiig clan, mainly pvm) to get in touch with the game again! Regarding skills/passives i would only buy the most expensive ones (Grandmaster passives etc) others you easily farm ingame while requipping Xeutal....but if you want to spend money on Item Mall stuff drop some Euros into Pluto/venu boxes to make refining your lvl 240 sets easier!


Leveling is quite smooth, 230-250 2-4hours....equipment farming will take a lot of time, tho....but hey, you will have to work for your Rose gear now!



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