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Gunslinger snake eyes

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#1 Redorm


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Posted 17 December 2010 - 11:13 AM

Hello. I'm about to start working on my old gunslinger but his skills are pretty messed up so I will probably need to do a skill reset... Anyway my main question is about the skill snake eyes - does it affect only pistol or other weps too? So far I've been satisfied with having it at lvl 6. It lets me snipe monsters at the very edge of the screen, not enough to snipe when they are in the screen corner tho.

The second thing I wonder is if this skill also affects the range of other skills like full blast and triggerhappyshot. I know from my own experience that tracking is not affected, but the other two skills have about the same range as my normal attack. Is this thanks to snake eyes or just "standard" range for these skills?

And one last thing, does phen card work for making fullblast and tracking uninterruptable?
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#2 Chucklet


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Posted 17 December 2010 - 12:26 PM

I have copied this from irowiki:
"Snake eyes:
Increases gun's attack range and HIT rate. The following are affected by its bonus: Trigger Happy Shot, Wounding Shot, Full Blast, Spread Shot, Gunslinger Mine. This skill does not affect the range of Tracking."

Afaik this affects ALL gunslinger weapons (pistol,shotgun,gatling,launcher). Normally I would say you should always make this skill lvl 10 (same for archer classes) to make full use of your range even if it does not seem to add anything. Yet I don't do any pvp with my gunslinger so maybe the rules in there are different so that you can leave it at a lower lvl... (depends what you want to do with it) I know you really need every skill point you can get due to all the fun skills gunslingers have, but I don't think this is the way to get more availabe points.

As far as the phen card goes, I really don't know. But, since a phen's description states that it prevents skill casts from being interupted, I would assume it will work. But I can't confirm this from my own experience.
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#3 Redorm


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Posted 21 December 2010 - 08:32 AM

OK so I did a skill reset and tried to update my knowledge when it comes to how things work in renewal. I think I see some really good options for my gunslinger but there are still a few things that seem unclear.

So my concept is to use the advantage of how crit works now (the crit-card dmg % bonus that works for both weapon and status attack, for example dullahan card) with rifles and also with the gatling skills for extra ATK and aspd. Im also hoping they fix the broken gatling skill soon so I can use gatling gun with crit aswell. Besides of critting Luk is usefull for other things too now.

But aside of this I want a powerfull, fast and long range skill to quickly kill some nasty creatures. I was going to choose full blast, but now I'm a bit curious about tripple action. It does require maxing double action (that I don't need) but how powerfull can this skill be with a grenade launcher? Now this powerfull 1hit skill concept has a renewal advantage too because it uses either a shotgun or nade launcher that both have high weapon ATK and a slot. I don't know how to calculate damage tho. On iROWiki it says that each DEX point gives +1% to weapon damage (somewhere else I saw it was 0.5%). So with high DEX the wep ATK should get even higher, especially for the nade launcher. The next good thing about nade launcher is that it uses elemental spheres to add even more precious %s :sob:. Put a +20% dmg card (for exaple vadon card) into that and this could maybe compete with full blast(considering sp, etc)?

And I know there is something neat about archer skeleton card but can't find a clear description. Does it add 10% to both status and wep ATK?
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#4 Lucentos


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Posted 21 December 2010 - 10:26 AM

Archer Skeleton adding +10% to final ranged damage, so it is the card of choice for Gunslinger`s weapons.
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