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Character Balance Suggestions!

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#1 Tirfing


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Posted 14 September 2017 - 02:37 PM



I've noticed that many of you have suggestions on class balances! (except Marie because she's perfect.)

Here is a great place to discuss your suggestions! Remember to keep it civil! I'll be happy to consider any suggestions for characters, including stats and abilities.

Have fun!

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#2 FoxOh


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Posted 20 September 2017 - 06:55 PM

Marie is not perfect, she is Overpowered. Fastest character, smallest character (smallest hitbox), given the same level of HP as Ai and Carl, has Double Roll skill, can scope the whole map, can shoot down grenades and grenade launcher rounds with rifle (not just sniper), can heal her teammates besides herself and has sharp shooting . There is no weakness in Marie, none. That was not how she was intended. In fact here is proof, she did have a weakness and it was her HP. She had the lowest starting amount of HP. But now she starts with the same 3000 HP amount as Carl and Ai. So really she is a superior version with no real weakness that I can think of.


Proof of the developers original character balances: https://web.archive....uide/characters


You will notice Carl was 2nd highest with the HP and Ai was the 3rd highest with Marie the lowest.


Marie's HP amount is at an almost 11, you compare that to Ai who is at a 12 1/2, Carl is at a 14 1/3 and Burton is maxed at 18.


So Carl and Ai should have more starting HP than Marie but all three are set at 3000 with a Burton at 3200. Burton probably should be a little slower, I'm not sure. But I suggest the original Char balances' starting HP from the picture be reinstated to something like Burton is 3000, Carl is 2900, Ai is 2800 and Marie is 2700.


Enjoy the wayback machine of how MA's Item Mall use to be.

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#3 BlackLyner


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Posted 21 September 2017 - 01:54 PM

Well FoxOh, if you see Marie still having the same hp, if we counting the heal bars, Marie, Ai and Carl have 11 hp bars... The new developers just put the same hp for Marie, Ai and Carl, so if there is a suggestion here is that add a little more hp to Ai and Carl like they used to have, and let Marie be the char with lowest hp no problem.
And remember Marie always have a heal skill that recover allies hp, and just to clarify, the skill to explode normal grenades and grenades rounds is Sharp shooting, so Marie cant explode grenades if she doesn't use that skill, I mean it isn't a passive skill... Also Marie always had double roll skill, I don't know why people want to reduce it to 1 roll, it's weird.
All characters have their advantages, like if Ai get a sniper shoot while she is using backstep skill she doesn't take all damage, take like 50% less.
But I agree that carl is the weakest character, getting headshot while they using running jump skill its something dumb, that happens to Marie skill too, Marie can take a headshot while using skill... 

So my suggestion is add a little more hp to Carl and Ai
Make Carl skill better, reducing hitbox, and add a little speed to carl too, I don't know why developers reduced Carl's Speed

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#4 GokuBlackBR


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Posted 22 September 2017 - 05:07 AM

Let's talk about one character at a time.
I think the character is well-balanced and there is no reason to make changes to it.
Even though it is fast, it remains very fragile and its greatest advantage will always be small and fast.
Her skill helps but it's dangerous and you can not just walk away or get killed easily.
This character has a lot of advantage.
It has a good speed and HP and still has its automatic regeneration.
It is very easy to recover your HP again.
There is no need to add more HP.
If you have automatic re-generating power there is no need to increase your HP.
HP will rise naturally as you evolve your char and the power of regeneration will continue forever and Ai will become more and more powerful.
If you use items and HP Recovery + Automatic Regeneration this will fill your HP quickly.
If Ai's HP increases this will start to become disproportionate to his regeneration ability.
The ability to regenerate is not a skill like Stun (Burton) Jump (Carl) or uplo bearing (Marie) is just a gift and only Ai has it.
It is the character that counts on the best abilities.
I do not see weaknesses in an Ai.
He could have as fast as Marie.
For being small and have a great jump and so it takes speed to be able to use your skill properly.
Carl's initial speed is too slow.
HP is stable and good.
If we increase the HP of all the characters what will be the advantage of Burton?
There's no need to mess with Carl's HP, Ai and Marie.
I would put more MP and Speed ​​for Carl.
I do not understand the need for BURTON to be so slow.
He's a character to be on the front line and needs some speed.
If a Burton is too slow he will not have agility to use his skill (Spear).
Even rolling the Burton is slow.
Is it large and easy to hit then because they slowed down?
In this way Burton will no longer be a front-line character and will start to be a more defensive character.
How can a Burton stand in front of Marie and Carl who have a lot more skill?
The only advantage I see now is when you use the Spear skill and take a shot and the Spear skill considerably reduces the damage.
This is good because you can face the enemy up close and use the skill to make the enemy dizzy and still reduce the damage it took while doing the skill.
But with low speed it is difficult to reach a Marie when she uses the double bearing or Carl when it jumps over you.
It would put back the 5% speed and removed from Burton and increase its MP so that it can use more skill Recovery because its HP is big and difficult to fully regenerate life in combat.

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