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F1-f5 function and jawaii boss farming

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#1 temerity00


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Posted 02 October 2017 - 05:01 PM

Hi, I just want to ask. I'm not sure if this is design flaws or bug but the party member select button which bind on F1-f5 keys in default seems only works in party 1.it works great in party but in raid if you in pt 3 let say, when you use the select party member keys it will select players from party one instead of party 3. Isn't it supposed to select our own party members? Cuz it will be easier for healer of each party to heal their party instead of need to click the members using mouse.

Another concern of mine is jawaii boss farming, I see that the players now are more capable of farming those bosses with a party of 5, i dont mind that if they are good enough they can farm it. But it disrupt players who want to do dailies as there will be missing bosses because someone farmed it. Do you guys have any plans for this in near future like nerf in the drops if the party members is less than 5 or increase the difficulty of the bosses. Or actually make new card sets from bosses in Fp? Or actually increase the difficulties of the legacy dungeon and renew the card effect?
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#2 mscocca


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Posted 03 October 2017 - 01:07 AM

Hello temerity00, 

thank you for submitting your worries.

Concerning the first one I remember I reported it but to be honest I cannot find the card anymore so I will make sure to write a new one.

About the second one, just a few days ago we have discussed about some possible solutions on the matter and I am sure WP will think of something to find a solution to this problem.


Whenever you have a worry please do not hesitate to post again, all your feedbacks, suggestions and worries help WP to improve the game!

See you in game!


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#3 Ihrin


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Posted 06 January 2018 - 05:06 PM

why all want to do soemhtign against jawaii boss hunters?

should they doo nerf osiris drops boss too? shoudl they nerf just everthing cause maybe its easier to kill them at certain point?

if you have luck, there is a boss you can hunt, if you dont have good luck, soemoen already killed it, go there 3 hours later. you can do quest any hour at day, not only at 6:00. if at 6:00 there is no boss, then come back later xD!

ill continue farming all bosses no matter wwho or what they say xD!, even right before jdq, always the same, people crying cause of this, if you dont kill 4 bosses at jaway, its only 4 quest you dont do! and know what? i beat, that you never did the quest "reminiscent of the stars" or that of the flip sunglasses. should they nerf that too? only caus eno one do them? its not our problem that you wanna do the quest, which has as target the same boss i hunt to get zeny with selling cards xD!, kill pukui and all other jawaii quest, if you wanna get MP... damm, its not personal, but hey, all think same as you, and to be honest, ill start to hunt jawaii bosses right before jdq only cause people like this guy cryes all day and night xD! -_-... always same


really??? you discussed this?????

omfg... i hope you are kidding... those kiddies never do whole jawaii quest, like i mencioned above, and now we farmers, which build us 100% pve to can do this, are we gonna pay for it? after all the work we did? should i go cry too like a kiddie for each thing i dotn like? damm... no wonder ro2 is what it is, that was too much this time cocca, sorry but, i didnt thought this could be come ever to a discussion xD this is pathetic

PS: here you have, this are all the quest NO one of the people does, which says "GM do soemthing agains jawaii boss hunters"

use your brain guys...


now what? :@

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