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Druid Suggestions

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Posted 02 October 2017 - 08:02 PM


Iv read a lot about stun lock druids, etc. i have some suggestions to make them better and maybe more balanced.

1) Move Havey Blow again on Doomguard
2) reduce the CD of Double Slash to 2.5 Secs if you plan to remove Havy Blow or 2 secs.
3) increase the taunt aggro of Doomguard.
4) change Inducing Honeybee damage LRPPA to SRPPA
5) Lower the cooldown of inducing Honeybee to 15 secs. (same as Rake Nail)
6) Reduce the time of Staggerin shout to 4 sec all levels, every point should increase only the range and max target not the duration.
7) Make Inferno Buffs Stay, Only Inferno they arent gamebreaking btw. (Cry of Will /SCC+PCC/, Swift Arm (Atk Speed Buff)
8) Reduce the amount of Atack Speed of Swift Arm same as

Quick Attack of Rogue: -0.1; -0.2; -0.3; - 0.4; -0.5; -0.6; -0.7; -0.8 - 0.9; -1.0

instead of: -0.2 s -0.4 s -0.5 s -0.7 s -0.9 s -1.0 s -1.2 s -1.4 s -1.5 s -1.7 s

9) change knuckle mastery to a fixed amount of CAD+SCAD (TINY) MAX: 30CAD+SCAD
10) Move Advance to inferno again and change the value 5 m 7 m 9 m 11 m 13 m 15 m 18 m 20 m 23 m 25 m

to: 1 m, 3 m, 5 m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 17m, 19m
AND if you cast Advance you Cant Cast Approach for 5 secs. 

11) Remove Inferno Anti Stun and make him only Anti Fear
12) Make Vilovy Inmune only to Slow
13) Make Doomguard Inmune Only to Stun
14) Change Robbing Willingess to give you 5-10% block instead of defense and a 40% land rate but this skill only should stay with doomguard not other transformation or untransformed.
15) Make Wave of Healing AOE: 5-7 Targets Max and add +1 sec of cast
16) Add Animation to Absorbing Energy
17) Make Cry Of Will AOE max 10 Targets
18) Remove Stun From Heavy Blow and add Taunt effect on it
19) Fix Double Slash dmg Display Says that deals double Dmg but only applies the dmg of the 1st hit.

20) Make Double Slash Double Dmg or 1 Sec CD, to have more dps as physical Inferno. BUT I THINK is better to make it 1 sec. Inferno Main PEW PEW skill

--OPTIONALS-- (Not really sure about them)
Being Able to cast
Absorbing energy while you are transformed (animation same as Bleeding on Inferno, Animation same as Gigantizing on Doomguard, Animation Same as AA on Vilovy)* # @
Raging Strike While you are transformed (animation same as Bleeding on Inferno, Animation same as Gigantizing on Doomguard, Animation Same as AA on Vilovy)** ## 

Move Lightning Chill Slash to Vilovy
Add another Phy Skill on Inferno called Shock with the animation of Heavy Blow that deals Aoe Phy Dmg like Elec Twister, Curse Effect, ETC. with 12 sec of CD



*Bieng AA Druid only increase the dmg but not the healing amount
#Bieng Magic only Increase the Water dmg (not much) BUT, Increase the Healing Amount
@ Bieng Physical SS Druid Increase the DMG and healing done BUT!!! still have a baby heal amount compared to the magic one.

** Being AA druid only increase the dmg without scad is a weak one .
## Being Magic Druid only increase the dmg done by apliying SCAD so it have a weak dmg
@@Bieng Physical SS Increase dmg is a decen but not so great or game breaking, it have a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to tiny dmg compared to inferno skills


Obejtives with these changes:

Doomguard would be like mini protector without the heal, and we could have a second tank instead of only 1 (protector) but a weak version of him.
Visureality on every Transformation
Some numbers ajusted to balance the anti stun and make druid more Versatile as a char WE ARE DRUID OR A STUN MACHINE WITH LOW COUNTERPLAY?
Now if we want to be Druid we should chose a path:
Inferno Path: Physical Damage dealer Druid
Vilovy Path: Debuffer + Support of Mage Druid
Doomguard: Tanky Path, Damage resist Druid
so this open a new variety of gameplay not a binary one aka: dash, doomguard, stun everyone, Exit Doomguard, Cast Rage of bugs, Watch Everyone Die While you transform to inferno to Give more stun...

hope you guys like it. Have a nice day


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Posted 04 October 2017 - 12:37 PM

Thank you for taking time to submit such detailed feedback! I have collected your thought on the Druid and will be sending it out with my next feedback report to the Requiem team! 

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