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October 5 Halloween Item Mall and Lucky Boxes

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Posted 05 October 2017 - 02:50 PM




Happy Halloween everyone! Check out these cool themed boxes. BOO!


jackolantern_Box.png JACK O LANTERN LUCKY BOX - 200IM


Trick-or-Treat now with this spook-tacular box! Open it up to find tons of tasty candy and scary costume pieces as well as a permanent version of the terrifying a.HK23e! A rifle with a magazine that holds over 100 rounds! Yikes!


Common 10%

  • Silver Token (20)
  • Pumpkin Caramel
  • Pumpkin Candy
  • Improved Anti-Personnel Mine (5)
  • Shot Gun Buff +2 (10)
  • Rifle Buff +2 (10)

Uncommon 5%

  • Werewolf Armor RandomBox
  • Vampire Armor RandomBox
  • Bergy Pirate's Armor RandomBox
  • Fatso Zombie Armor RandomBox
  • Infected Zombie Armor RandomBox

Rare 3%

  • Western Funk Bundle (Perm)
  • Bareknuckle Blackbelt Set (Permanent)
  • Cat Bundle (Permanent)
  • Sparta Forever Bundle(Perm)

Legendary 1%

  • a.HK23e 100 magazine rifle (Permanent)  (ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE KING OF THE NIGHT ADVANCED LUCKY BOX)



AH! This box is CRAMMED with powerful items to strike fear into your enemies! Open it up for your chance at RARE never before seen guns and armors that will make your opponents think youre immortal.


Uncommon 10%

  • AMP 1~3
  • AMP 1~5
  • Upgrade Insurance (5)
  • Upgrade Booster (5)
  • Lv 3 upgradeset
  • Lv 4 upgradeset

Rare 5%

  • Reset Kills/Deaths
  • Ladder Speed Booster(15D)
  • Halloween Jiangshi set (7D) (HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE)
  • Devil Wings(30D)
  • Devil King Jacket(7D)

Legendary 2%

  • DevilDam Shield (Perm)
  • Devil Wings (Perm)
  • R2000 Antitank (Perm)
  • Lacertus-41 Flamethrower (Perm)
  • a.HK23e 100 magazine rifle (Perm) (ALSO AVAILABLE IN THE JACK O LANTERN LUCKY BOX)
  • Core-AAA GL(WHite) (Perm)


Retiring Items

These items are now gone! Get them next time around!

  • Red Dragon
  • Panda
  • Ganesh
  • Ganesa
  • Buffalo(Brown)

New Items

Get these items while you can! 

  • Pumpkin Caramel  (HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE)
  • Pumpkin Candy  (HALLOWEEN EXCLUSIVE)
  • Hug-a-bear Bundle(15D)
  • Medic bundle(15D)
  • Clown bundle(15D)
  • Cat Bundle(15D)
  • Green Beret Bundle(15D)
  • Western Funk Bundle(15D)
  • Kung Fu Bundle(15D)
  • Intelligence Bundle(15D)
  • Sparta Forever Bundle(15D)
  • High School Hijinks Set (15D)
  • (Black)Ranger Set(15D)
  • (Blue)Ranger Set(15D)
  • (GreenBlack)Ranger Set(15D)
  • (Pink)Ranger Set(15D)
  • (Yellow)Ranger Set(15D)
  • (Red)Ranger Set(15D)
  • Firefighter Bundle(15D)
  • Prestigious Academy Bundle (15D)
  • Autumn Festival Regal Bundle (15D)



Take a look at these awesome events going on this month!


Double EXP Wednesdays and Weekends!

- We're now offering a bonus EXP rate on Wednesdays as well as weekends! We'll see you in game!


Horrors of Halloween Screenshot Contest

- A screenshot contest to re-create your favorite horror movie scenes!


Fanart Fridays

- Join CM Varitas and Pro Tirfing in creating fun new art! Show you're just as skilled with colours as you are with bullets. 



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