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stats and skills master level 1

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Posted 14 October 2017 - 09:35 AM

I would like to know how I can keep the stats and if I have to reset them. The same applies to skills (I have 2x scrolls) '

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Posted 17 October 2017 - 12:59 PM

Both look fine for now. You'll be able to buy more skill points (I recommend farming them later, earliest to consider would be when you can start getting MP from Osiris Tomb).

I much prefer the Grizzly version of Beastmaster. But since it seems like you prefer DPS version, here's what you might want to think about:

Stat build doesn't matter. Put it all in VIT if you want to be safe. You can put it all into STR but the damage increase is too small to be worth it in my opinion. AGI is only good for PVP.

Core Skills:
10/10 Fury Strike - The increase skill level will let you generate 10 beast points per target hit, so up to 30 beast points
6/6 Beast Tornado - Most of Master level is grinding with lots of monsters instead of one on one. Increasing Beast Tornado reduces its cooldown to Instant.
5/5 Bear Form - Since you choose to be DPS. Just keep in mind it is less desired in parties
5/5 Brutal Strike - good
7/10 to 10/10 Cruel Bite - starts to heal a lot more. 30% at 10/10. You don't have to have it but there isn't much else that has good use.
3/3 Ymir Child Gaia - If you're going DPS, might as well get this. Keep in mind you cannot use this with Grizzly Form.

5/5 Grizzly Form - for flexibility, I recommend this so you can be a tank when parties need a tank
Survival - I don't really feel the need for this but you can think of it as a free potion every few seconds. You'll almost never need to use this though if you have Cruel Bite leveled up properly
Wild Crush - Pretty situational usually for boss battles only, gets worse the stronger you get
Rage Smash - another situational "boss battle" skill
Wild Impact - emergency stun if you have a bad party
Beast Charge - good for PVP only
Tiger Form - strictly for doing errands faster, but generally bad since you can't use skills.

Definitely Bad skills:
Beast Roar - Just leave at 1/5
Frenzy - Pretty weak, you can leave at 1/5
Feral Defense - Pretty bad when grinding since if you're getting attacked, it means your tank is doing a bad job anyways and this won't be enough to save you
Bear Carnival - Requirements are too high for too little damage. Also not good because it is limited to the area it is summoned.

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