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AFK players in battlesquare

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Posted 01 November 2017 - 10:52 AM

heads up: not sure if this topic fits here, and i will probably sound like a major crybaby.


Heya, fellow dragon saga players.

Some friends and I felt the need to bring back some fresh air into the low-level battlesquare. Now, everyone who tried playing BSQ in the level range of level 40 to 49, knows how unbalanced the game already is. Most of the time, it's "casual" players versus full-equipped lvl49 players, with their +20 legendary everything. 


I don't really mind players having better equipment than me or other "casual" players, since there's still a chance of winning through teamwork. Here's the problem though: apparently, the advantage given to them by their better equipment isn't enough anymore.


I present to you:  AFK characters clogging up the enemy's team, so all active players that join later on have to be in your team.

In past 2 weeks, me and my friends realized that whenever one certain character is in one team, there's at least 2 AFK players in the opposite team, standing around without any equipment on - not even a weapon. 


I do have screenshots, but I can't really show any names. The player I'm talking about is colored blue, the afk players are colored red. Everyone else is black.

( "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." so click here and here.)



Now, you may ask why I don't just report the player. Good idea! Well, I did write a ticket, but the thing is: what if they don't get banned? What if they create new accounts?  Or what if someone else uses this method too?

My question is, whether or not the DS support is aware of this, and if so, if there's going to be any chances of this problem getting taken care of. (Like someone who's inactive for too long in BSQ getting automatically kicked out or something?)

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#2 Eggii


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Posted 01 November 2017 - 11:05 AM

I hope this Player with his afk accounts get banned.



A ban for all not moving characters after 4 minutes in Battlesquare would be good !


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