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Requiem Dev Talks with Helium, Varitas and CM AndraSyte!

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#1 AndraSyte


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Posted 06 November 2017 - 02:36 PM

Greetings Temperions!

As previously mentioned on last week's Murder Hour we wanted to take another opportunity to organize a Requiem Dev Talk! Currently we have it scheduled for Thursday November 16th at 10:00 AM PST. As always Helium, Varitas, and myself will be hosting! If you have any questions you would liked answered please follow the format below:


Question For: (If you would like to address the question to a specific person please note that here. Otherwise you can use titles such as CM/Producer.)



If you would rather to remain anonymous please feel more than welcome to PM me your question!

We will be accepting questions until the end of the day on November 9th so please make sure to get your questions in by then! Additionally as with other posts, questions may not violate the forum's Rules of Conduct. If you do have questions regarding this please feel welcome to PM regarding it.


We will be answering as many as possible on the November 16th live stream  so make sure to join us then!  

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#2 Kazara


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Posted 08 November 2017 - 11:22 AM

The lack of questions already say much...

IGN : ihgyug

Guild : Bloodymare
Anyway, here my questions :
1) (for Helium) When are you going to look at problems in their origins and not only on the surface?
I give you an example : on a Murder Hour you said how the 89 jumps are supposed to decrease inflation because people will spend to gear their characters, yet you didn't take in consideration that most players made multiple characters and farmed 89 jump items to abuse professor helium quests which give an high amount of lants. In the end, inflation increased instead of decreasing, because you didn't think of the consequences of adding such item, but you looked at the problem only on its surface.
2) (for Helium) When are you going to do something for the dead features of the game? Again, it's not something to look at surface but in deep.
Look at battlefields for example, it is one of the most important features of the game and is pratically dead. I hope you won't simply add some fancy drop, as someone that look only on the surface of the problems would do, but look at the problem more in details, asking yourself "Why people are not going to battlefields? What motivated players to go in battlefields much more back then and why they lost that motivation? It has something to do with classes unbalance, and with the huge differences between, for example, a FOC armor geared player and a darkest geared player? Does this unbalance, together with classes unbalance demotivate most part of the players to join battlefields?

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#3 kdy0538


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Posted 08 November 2017 - 04:10 PM

1.Elementalist. Druid.Dominator. Imbalance What kind of measures?
2. Some players excessive hack How to deal?
3. I would like to upgrade such as graphics and other sounds
4. Christmas event in December Are you preparing another new way event?

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#4 iamvalac


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Posted 09 November 2017 - 01:27 AM

IGN: Valac
Guild: SWAG
1. Hi! My name is Valac and i have a few questions for you. :)
2. Do you have a character in Requiem ? If yes, could you stream some gameplay in your free time and maybe organize some people to help your journey across Ethergea? I'd join.
3. What tips could you give to everyone about your motivation to become a CM and is it hard to become one ? Why did you choose Warpportal ?
4. (personal) What is your favorite genre of games and your favorite taste in music ? Do you sing? :)
5. Which is your favorite place in Requiem ? Can you take us there and explain why ?
1. Varitas, whats going on behind the scenes in Requiem ? Can you give us some more up-to-date information regarding exclusive costume designes planned for the future ? Will there be new Christmas Costumes or do you have any plans to make costumes for every big celebration ?
2. Is it possible to work on decorating some maps or places specifically during events such as Thanksgiving or Xmas ? What i found that this game lack is the decorations and positive atmosphere during events and special occasions. Although Requiem is rated R and horror, i believe your skills in drawing would bring a different feel during celebrations.
3. I know that you like cosplaying. I've been looking at your blog. How did Halloween treat you this year, can you consider showing us some pictures from your newest halloween costume ? 
That list is long so the questions are in groups. 
Item mall
1. Is it possible to add Premium tiers for your most active subscribers ?
1.2 Tiers will include special discount on some mall items or you could add exclusive presents which will be bound on acquire on the account such as never seen before costumes, permanent pets which don't require extensions, permanent mounts.
1.3 Consider adding a different currency that is packed with the Premium Tier which will apply for the item mall - exclusive tab for most active subscriptions. 
1.4 Make Premium more user friendly. The current bonuses that apply are old-school. Sorry to bring that up but its true. There is nothing worth paying for unless its about the extra EXP and Premium Dungeon. Increase the benefits Premium package gives  - such as increased battle rank reward, lant, experience. 
1.5 Alban II( Premium dungeon) is quite unprofitable for everyone. Please consider increasing the rates inside twice or more permanently. I have no idea if you been inside but at the end a full run, you get no more than 250k lant. Its 2017, not 2008. 
1.6 Consider a release of Alban III if you don't want to touch Alban II. It will include everything said in 1.5. Alban III could be an exclusive dungeon ONLY for premium users, unlike the other 2 which could be opened through a quest key. 
In general, i believe the current Premium feature of the game is quite unpopular due to the insufficient bonuses that apply for active subscribers. Revamping this package should be your top priority at this point because its one of the main income for Requiem. 
Gameplay questions
1. When we can expect to see the new quests between 1 and 50 level gap ?
2. Is there a possibility for a campaign quest line for each class ? 
3. Will there be an increase of the level cap planned ?
4. We need safe zones. When we can see something done on this ? Forcing people stay on a PK server is probably one of the reasons, why the population has decreased drastically. Please consider making more space for PvE players. Also if its possible, could duplicate all the current maps and make them full safezones through a special portal somewhere in Requiem.
I think this is everything on my mind at this time. 



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#5 aavo


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Posted 09 November 2017 - 03:30 AM

1_ When are you gonna release new enchant/compound scrolls like you did for the reinforcement ones?
  We can't enchant/compound with the current forge system. It should be a priority, it shouldn't take half a year just to add them.
2_ When are you gonna release the legendary weapons?

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#6 DRAGONMANdavid1


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Posted 09 November 2017 - 06:21 AM

for Helium Varitas Andrasyte


1. remove a break chance of reinforcening?


2. shortcut a quests of nova lux? (easer and faster way for reach lv 50)


3. will again spawn PK Protection vendor for pve players like me? or make again pve server?


4. create a server for russians only?


5. increase forge success by 2x 3x rates?


6. allow pk just for limited zones? its annoying when trying somethink to do in alban but cant becouse you are pwned


7. make a lv 90 skills ... like a utlimate skill with high damage but long cooldown?


8. make plancy lab quest be more easer? like lower kill 40 paudron lion to 15 or change elite to normal from goblins and NERF A DAMAGE FROM TINY LAVA DRAGONS


9. nerf gears to no way for solo low lv raid like ruinhorn? so pve will be kinda more alive becouse players will makind raid party for run it


10. allow a pk protected player invinte a non pk protected player to a party?


11. remove a thing like you will auto leav a party when will be pwned?


12. remove a bloody frame around your screen when you die in battlefield?


13. make more cutscenes like you did on RoL? where you colapse a tower for make a way to qualin


14. make easer leveling and PB leveling?




16. will be there a new contents?


17. will finally fix very old bugs and glitches?


18. will recruite more requiem staff? we need more GM/GS/ADMINS


19. please lisen a requiem community accept a feedbacks and sugestion? we got alot players on this forum what just bitching a game


20. finally make a REQIEM BE MORE F2P? pay 25 dna extra bags or shared banks is so wtf ... or make a perm flying mount or costumes or pet for free players?

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#7 AndraSyte


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 02:20 PM

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions by the 9th! If you did not get a chance to submit your questions here don't worry! We will also try to answer as many questions as possible through twitch at during the live stream! 

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#8 DRAGONMANdavid1


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Posted 19 November 2017 - 11:11 AM

my speaking english is really bad and im lazy watch full murder hour so i ask


andrasyte what is answers of my questions?

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#9 Hyposonic


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Posted 29 November 2017 - 08:02 PM

I always miss being there myself but I always catch up later on youtube or twitch. I have one question my friends have been asking me to put forward to you.


1. With the new event fluids, will you please please please please make them rerollable?


We will buy malls to reroll which is great for you guys and the rest of us can all have op fluids. That way there won't be a smaaaall handful of players with the lukiest op rolls.


Edit: I would like to address this question to Helium :)

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