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Lucky Box [Proposal]

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Posted 10 November 2017 - 08:52 PM

in this thread, i will try to uncover the secrets and proposals regarding the Lucky Box system. It is one of a kind system in Requiem that not only benefits grately its users, but also brings a lot of income to Requiem. So i am hoping more people are depending on this system, just like I do. In all of my best efforts, i am wishfully hoping that the people posting in here,would have a general idea how to improve the system and make it more accessible for free to play or paid subscribers.
The lucky box can be obtained through a button placed on the right of your screen. It costs 150 mall points to activate and obtain one of the 4 Lucky Boxes as shown below. 
2ikqwet.jpg  xgk3d0.jpgrs60k9.jpg2a83yoj.jpg
It is imperative to remember that every time you draw, a different Lucky Box will pop-up in your bags. I have not had the chance to get the same box twice in a row. The lucky box itself is a great system reward on the long run. It contains various items, that could be found in the item mall, but greater the cost. Just for a 150 mall points, you could acquire an item worth up to a thousand points! Don't hesitate but draw one, just like me. The more you spend, the bigger the rewards will be. Further to that, if by your desire, the user, want to acquire an item just the one you need, the Lucky Box can be reinforced. How? Well, with Magic Sticks. 
A lucky box can be reinforced up to +10. All the items found inside have count a total of 11. So reinforcing a box to +10 will no doubt leave your most desired item alone from the draw. 
We have, in our disposal, only 4 of these boxes at the present. I would strongly suggest making more. Why ? First of all, it would generally impact the income. We all know, that a product needs money to last longer. No doubt, improving this system, will give more benefits to our beloved game Requiem which we adore the most. 
Lucky Box [Costumes] - This box will contain the famous Costume swaps that are worth 200 each. Now we know, a box can contain 11 items inside. So we could enjoy having 4 times 2 from each of the game classes - Turan, Kruxena, Bartuk or Xenoa. That give us 8 costumes in a box of 11. The rest 3 slots could be 1x10 Megaphones, 1x5 Megaphones and 1x1 Megaphone. We all need megaphones, dont we? It is in fact, one of the things i love the most about Requiem. Connecting with the world of Ethergea. Speaking your mind and looking for friends. 
Lucky Box [Event] - This box itself, its rather needed one. A faster way how to obtain more Event items, during events. Such as the upcoming Christmas Event. We could have a stack of 10 of each the cards, required for a puzzle. Last year for instance, it took me more than a week to acquire the full puzzle of cards. Where as with a Lucky Box, the obtaining process will be much faster. 
In general, i believe the Lucky Box system needs general improvements at this point. Its old and outdated. Bringing more life to it, will no doubt, make our journey across Ethergea more fun and enjoyable. I know that a general part of the population in Requiem are a bit frustrated regarding the recent changes but i do believe, it will all come to a good end for everyone. 
Improve the system and bring more goodies with the Lucky Box. Make the items [SEALED] or bound on acquire for the most expensive ones. People should be relaying on this option in game, in order to bring the activity back and increase the population. 
Thank you for reading,
#SWAG team


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