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Woe Sage

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#1 mattaangel


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Posted 12 November 2017 - 03:31 AM

Hey all!


I wanted to try for the first time sage and use it mainly for Woe purposes.


Which builds are the most useful in Woe? Is exping such a sage viable (or do I need to leech him even considering that I may invest a decent amount of money in gears)??

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#2 Renaru


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Posted 08 January 2018 - 03:56 AM

Support Sages (90+ Vit, 90+ Dex) are the most useful version of Sage in WoE. Some people prefer 99 vit 99 dex, some people prefer to put some stats into INT or STR, It's all about personal preference. They're extremely useful for Magnetic Earth, Dispelling, Frost Nova and Stone Curse. Sight will also be of use. Sage is probably one of the most crucial support classes in WoE. With how Renewal handles cast timing, INT is really useful. I'd recommend 84 VIT, 41 INT, 99 DEX, but some people have different tastes. If you like tanking. consider less DEX and a bit more AGI.



As for gears, none of a Sage's gears are that different than what other characters would be wearing. An Unfrozen Armor, A Thara Frog Shield, Martyr Card Shoes, A Hiding Clip is really nice and if you get your hands on a Zerom carded accessory, it will serve you well., and an Immune Garment. As for hats... Poo Poo Hat/Telling Doll are very nice, I also really enjoy Robo Eyes for the small boost to dex. Weapon wise, some people like a Quad Dexterous Rod/Main Gauche, Some people like a Quad Vital Rod/Main Gauche. It doesn't hurt to put a Golem card in it so it becomes unbreakable if you worry about that kind of thing. Some people even use the Dex version of Survivor's Rod.



Leveling wise... You're gonna have to leech him. You offer nothing to a party as a WoE build Sage.


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