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Need Help Here!

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 12:58 PM

Hello I'm a Ranger ML20 Rank B but I stoped playing long time ago and I'm totally lost, I would like to start playing again but the game seems so unfamiliar now so I'll post all my character info here so if someone can help me with my current build or a new one it would be nice. I like PvE mostly, Raids, Questing and stuff, I wasn't that bad at PvP and I'm willing to give it a chance if it brings better gear, I'm a free player for now so chance on spending real money at the moment, maybe in a few months.




My Stats





But here you can find all the info regarding my character----> http://s1259.photobu...w/Ragnarok Char

And here you can find all the gear I currently have---> http://s1259.photobu...w/Ragnarok Gear

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Posted 25 November 2017 - 05:14 PM

Disclaimer: Not specifically a Ranger player.

In general, your gear looks fine for where you are. One place you can really upgrade from is the cards department. I would browse the "Jawaii" cards in your photo album, denoted by a bunch of Hearts around the border, and look to pick up some that give decent STR, VIT, or Cast Speed (good for Charge Arrow and Arrow Shower). I'm sure you'll find some in the Auction house for relatively cheap prices. You could in theory hunt for them yourself in Wonderland Easy Mode but I personally am too lazy to do so. I'm sure someone else can go into detail about that if you ask about it.

From ML20 onwards there is a lot of party-based grinding and not much raiding until you hit around ML 35 (and even then you might just be leeching since you shouldn't be investing in end-game gear yet). Do keep in mind Rangers are on the weaker side, probably one of the bottom classes, so don't take on more than you can handle. It is highly, highly recommended to find a party to level up otherwise you're going to struggle to get a good pace going.

When you get to roughly ML27, you can think about collecting the Lich set - they bumped up the drop rates a lot so it should be relatively cheap if there are people selling it. If not, try to find a guild or some friends to help you farm some. They are a less costly alternative to the previously more common Cazar and Himmelmez sets. Those are less widely used in progression nowadays because Cazar has a low drop rate, or costs MP to purchase (which takes away from leveling up) and Himmelmez materials/recipes take some time to collect. The slight improvement is rarely worth it.

If you reach ML30 and pass the rank exam and you still haven't gotten the Lich set, a nice budget set to consider is the Ignatius set. It has fairly decent stats if you don't want to worry about Runes and Hones yet. Otherwise, stick it out with the Lich set. After you reach the final levels you can start considering mixing and matching Eddga, Serenia, and various other sets to maximize your personal playstyle. Only then would I suggest investing heavily into gear (start by refining your weapon, then runes, then rolling better hones).

As you collect gear, also keep in mind to pick up a few spare weapons to add elements to. These will help shore up your damage output.

Other activities to do when not grinding:
-You can look into completing the Bind Rune daily quests. Stockpile materials for when you eventually want to craft some runes or if you're desperate for zeny you can sell these things to others.
-How is your pet collection? If you haven't obtained 99 pets yet, you can consider farming for some pets.
-Definitely try to find a guild. Not only is it easier to have people to play with, but guilds tend to have bonus stats and people to mentor you.

I kept it really brief but do ask if you have any other concerns. Wish you the best of luck, the Ranger road is a tough one.

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