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Suggestion for full PREMIUM users only

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#1 Kokogore


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Posted 17 December 2017 - 01:11 PM

Suggestion of ideas that should be applied to ppl who buy best premium tier.


1) Aucttioner and Mails should be accessible from anywhere in game (same as you access battlefield for example)


2) Access to permanent mall items, premium users should be able to access a premium TAB on mall shop where they can buy permanent stuff such as pets or big discounts on mall items.


3) Premium users should have a P at name or name in yellow text color :)


4) Premium users should have access to faster teleport between maps, by pressing M and select Numaren/Alban for example you teleport there from any place you are, to not be confused with teleport to player or NPC item, this one I have in mind works like a transporter except is just for the main areas in game.


5) More lvls for pets, if ur premium u can lvl ur pet beyond lvl 10 and get new bonuses.


6) Better rates for forge/enchanting/compounding as a premium user we should get more % rates.


7) Access to new mall shop items early on before they are released on normal mall shop.


8) [SEALED] items on mall shop should be transferred on premium tab and make normal mall shop items bind again for non premium users.


9) Extra or permanent access to treasure dungeons.




And something extra .


- Add a new server accessible to premium users only, start normal the game from lvl 1 without rights to transfer characters, item mall is free and you just pay monthly the premium to access the server. F2P server will remain and to SVS with premium one.

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#2 Kazara


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Posted 17 December 2017 - 01:37 PM

Helium, it's no use to suggest ideas on your own and claim to listen players! You do the -_- you want with the game anyway!
Jokes man?xD
I can agree only with the third I can start to hunt all yellow names I see ahahaha

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