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December 21 Events and Item Mall Update!

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Posted 21 December 2017 - 03:21 PM

The holiday's are upon us! Now is the time to treat your friends and family with love and respect, unless you're in game... Then it's okay to wrack up those sweet, sweet, kills. You can make it up to them by giving them some of the new items that are on the item mall! Check it out!

On a side note, we really appreciate everyone who has donated to our Extra Life fundraiser, and to those who have not yet done so, we are still giving out rewards for charitable players! Please donate what you can!
I know I've been saying that our production and development team has been talking on working on new content for some time now, and, while it's not ready to roll out yet, we hope to get it out in the following few months! We appreciate your patience and understanding! Remember you can reach WarpPortal customer support with questions for our GM team at

If you wish, you can also reach out to the developers directly on their website




 Discount Lucky Box Bundles! (That's x10!)





Christmas_Angel.png HERALD'S LUCKY BOX - 500IM


Hark! This box is crammed with seasonal goodies that will make you KING of PVP.

Uncommon 10%

AMP 1~5
Upgrade Insurance (5)
Upgrade Booster (5)
Lv 3 upgrade set
Lv 4 upgrade set

Rare 5%

Reset Kills/Deaths
Mastodon Guided missile(7D)
Angel Wings (Perm)
Green Wings (Perm)
Red Wings (Perm)

Legendary 2%

Prestigious Academy Bundle (Perm)
Hug-a-bear Bundle (Perm)
New Santa Set(Perm)
Mastodon Guided missile(30D)
Golden Warrior Helm
Golden Warrior Uniform
Golden Warrior Glove

Stuffed_Stocking.png STUFFED STOCKING - 100IM

We are raffling off even more custom crafted weapons made by Producer Tirfing! Purchase this to be automatically entered into the holiday raffle! The more you buy, the greater the chance that you'll win a custom weapon! Each purchase also comes with a sock-load of treats! (You get 10 draws.)


Common 10%

Sports Drink x10
Energy Bar x10
Rad Rice Dumpling x5
Choco Stick x20
Poky x5
Almond Poky x5
Water Bottle x10
First-Aid Kit x10
Uncommon 10%
Special Christmas Bundle (7D)
New Santa Set(7D)


Rare 2%

ROC Mountain Armor RandomBox

TCC Skiing Team Armor RandomBox
Sausage Magazine
Toothpaste on a Toothbrush
Cracker Magazine
New Items

Get these items while you can!

  • Hug-a-bear Bundle(15D)
  • Firefighter Bundle(15D)
  • Western Funk Bundle(15D)
  • Kung Fu Bundle(15D)
  • Prestigious Academy Bundle (15D)
  • Medic bundle(15-day)
  • Cat Bundle(15D)


Take a look at these awesome events going on this week!



- Tirfing's been working hard crafting up some custom weapons and he wants to give them away! Purchase a STUFFED STOCKING to get 10 prizes and to enter the drawing for a chance to win some crazy weapons and exclusive mods! This raffle ends on January 4th!


Double EXP Holiday Weekend!

- We're now offering a bonus EXP rate starting Friday Dec 22 and going on until Tuesday Dec 26! Enjoy!

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