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Leveling ML

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#1 Clays00


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Posted 09 January 2018 - 07:38 AM

After reach master class rank B level 22 where is the best map for leveling?

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#2 Arbalist


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Posted 09 January 2018 - 10:51 AM

I haven't leveled in a long time but if I recall correctly, there are two options:
1) If it's a slow day where parties aren't forming frequently, continue at Osiris dungeon until you no longer get EXP from them (I think its ML 25 or 26 when that happens). You get slightly less EXP but it is less gear-demanding and the parties are usually easier to find. Osiris is easier to solo too if at the worst case you don't find a party.


2) If you are well geared and there are actually parties looking for it, you can do Darkwhisper Lower (DWL). I rarely see people who know what they are doing and are geared enough to do it, but it is slightly more EXP/hour only if you don't have to waste time looking for a party. 

When you get to 25 or 26 (someone will verify for me) you can start looking for Darkwhisper Upper (DWU) parties. 

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#3 Ihrin


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Posted 09 January 2018 - 12:47 PM



you get expirience in osiris till ML24, in my opinion its better to level up till 24 in osiris, than trying to lvl up in DWL, once you reach ML24 you can go straight to DWU, and find there a party, if there is no exp x3 or event exp, you will find no one there, but, in that case you have to try to get in that period of time were exp is x1 that you vollet other things and dont fous on level up, cause for level up there are weekends (always x3 exp), now these days we have exp x10 till 17th january, so, just try to grind as much you can at osiris, since the runs are faster, and even you gain a bit less exp than in DWL, you kill a lot faster, so it is worth to level up till ml24 there. once you are ml24, go to DWU and search party at the archers area, there you will boost up till ML27 at least, and then, you have again 2 options, or stay in DWU till ml30, or go at ML27 to Forgotten Payon, and kill khepri, but for here, you need at least have full lich set, and better 2 bug sets of cards, which gives you an high amount of VIT, cause khepris hits way harder than archers and mosnters in DWU!


btw, at ML30, you can start to do Forgotten Payon Dailly Quests, which ives an huge amount of exipirience too, so, you will have it pretty easy to level up :)


good luck!

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