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Few thoughts on Easy Zeny Sinks

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#1 Xord


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Posted 24 January 2018 - 02:11 PM

Its a rough proposal for now :)

Should not be too hard or bats**t crazy to implement.


How about we have a special NPC in a town like Payon which sells some kind of decent items for a lot of zeny?

The items will also help foster player interest.



Suggested items(all items are Account Bound and not tradeable, carteable, droppable or vendable, will resell for 1z only) :


Lvl 10 Bless Scroll : 10,000z - Easier to buy many of these than dual client a priest. Scrolls do not work on PVP/War maps.


LVL 10 Inc Agi Scross : 10,000z - Same as Above


Lvl 5 Assumptio Scrolls(Controversial in pre Rebirth but MVPs use it :< ? - Do not work in PVP environments - will be auto dispelled) : 100,000z


Lvl 5 Aspersio Scrolls : 50,000z


Blue Potion : 10,000z each


Grape : 1500z each


Un-named Condensed White Pot : 2000z


Kafra Card : 100,000z


Token of Sieg : 500,000z


Battle Manual 50% : 2,000,000z


LVl 10 Merc Scroll : 1,000,000z.


Megaphone : 5,000,000z (Lets user announce a message to the world)


Old Card Album : 50,000,000z


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#2 Angelslayer4231


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Posted 25 January 2018 - 08:43 AM

Can't really do that with items already in the cash shop, as it'd slow down real money spending for the company.

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