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February Item Mall Update

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Posted 01 February 2018 - 04:22 PM

Hey there everyone! February is my favourite month, not only because of Valentine's Day (and I'm a romantic at heart!) but because it is my birthday month! We are trying something new. I want to make one BIG post every month with our news, events and all the lucky boxes drop rates available for our players. Check back here later this month for more updates!
I know I've been saying that our production and development team has been talking on working on new content for some time now, and, while it's not ready to roll out yet, we hope to get it out in the following few months! We appreciate your patience and understanding! Remember you can reach WarpPortal customer support with questions for our GM team at Support.WarpPortal.com!

If you wish, you can also reach out to the developers directly on their website gnisoft.co.kr!



Yearofthedog.png YEAR OF THE DOG LUCKY BOX - 200IM

Happy Chinese new year everyone! I wanted to call it "Year of the Dodge" but I was told that there were some problems with that. In any case, try our this cool new box! Woof!
This box was made using KawaiRitsu's Chinese New Year Lucky Box. Thank you KawaiRitsu!

Common 10%

Gold Token (50)
Sports Drink(100)
Energy Bar(100)

Uncommon 5%

Pet Food(20)
Pet EXP(20)

Rare 3%

Angel Wings
Devil Wings
Chinese Dog(Chow)
Mini Chinese Dog(Chow)

Legendary 1%

Chinese Bundle (Perm)
Special New Year's Hanbok Set (Perm)
a.P08 Luger

Heat_Wave_Box.jpgHEAT WAVE LUCKY BOX - 200IM

Oh heck! Its hot here in California! Were experiencing an unseasonable heat wave! To celebrate, were hitting the beach and bringing back some summer fun! Check out this box for everything you'll need to beat the heat!

Common 10%

Silver Token (20)
Accessory Random Box
2000 Coins Ticket
1000 Coins Ticket

Uncommon 5%

Heat Sensor Grenade (10)
Rare Armor Random Box
Toy Water Gun(7D)
Beach Bundle (7D)

Rare 3%

Bergy Pirate's Armor RandomBox
Guardian's Combat Armor RandomBox
ROC Sea Patrol's Armor RandomBox
DEDT Desert Camouflage Armor RandomBox

Legendary 1%

Corps Commander Set (Perm)
Navy Set (Perm)
Endless Summer Beach Bundle (Perm)

Shining_Box.jpgVALENTINE'S LUCKY BOX - 200IM

Happy Valentines day! We hope your romantic plans for this month have gone off without a problem! Nothing is more romantic than spending time with your loved ones... or blowing them up. Either way, youll enjoy this box! Everything you need for all of your pretty pink plans... also werewolves.

Common 10%

Weapon Paint Card(Pink) (10)
20 Gold Token
Golden Modification Box
Accessories box
Werewolf Armor RandomBox

Uncommon 5%

Rare Weapon Random Box
Rare Armor Random Box

Rare 3%

Love Heart Earrings
Gospel Light Flak Jacket(permanent)
Angel Wings
Pink Wings

Legendary 1%

Stealth Team Tactical Set (Perm)
Special New Year's Hanbok Set (Perm)
Chinese Bundle (Perm)



Legend_Lucky_Box2.jpg LEGENDARY ADVANCED BOX - 500IM


OMG! This box is only for legends. Don't purchase it unless you are a legend... or want to be one.


Uncommon 10%

AMP 1~3 [Also Available in the Upgrade Kit]
AMP 1~5 [Also Available in the Upgrade Kit]
Upgrade Insurance (5) [Also Available in the Upgrade Kit]
Upgrade Booster (5) [Also Available in the Upgrade Kit]
Lv 3 upgrade set [Also Available in the Upgrade Kit]
Lv 4 upgrade set [Also Available in the Upgrade Kit]

Rare 5%

Reset Kills/Deaths
Ladder Speed Booster(15D)
Mastodon Guided missile(15D)
Gospel Heavy Flak Jacket(30-day)
Gospel Light Flak Jacket(30-day)

Legendary 2%

Grenadier Guard Set (Perm)
King's Bundle (Perm)
Corps Commander Set (Perm)
Legendseven-A00 (Perm)
LegendRobin-z1 (Perm)
LegendCore-m631 (Perm)
LegendRupelli-pz01 (Perm)


Black_Ops_Advanced.jpg BLACK OPS ADVANCED BOX - 500IM


The latest incarnation of our Black Ops box is more powerful than ever! Check it out! This box contains everything you need to kill unseen. Your enemies will never know what hit them... Contains sniper and shotgun buffs as well as permanent stealth costumes and permanent weapons.


Uncommon 10%

Sniper Buff +2 (10)
Shot Gun Buff +2 (10)
Specter Armor RandomBox
ROC Infiltration Squad Armor RandomBox
Herz special force Armor RandomBox
Stolz Black Ops Armor RandomBox

Rare 5%

Reset Kills/Deaths
Ladder Speed Booster(15D)
Mastodon Guided missile(15D)
Gospel Heavy Flak Jacket(30-day)
Gospel Light Flak Jacket(30-day)

Legendary 2%

Tear of the Sun Bundle(Perm)
Stealth Team Tactical Set (Perm)
Operator Officer Set (Perm)
GTAC General Set (Perm)
Darkmoon-Hole Tactical Shotgun (Perm)
SuperSky-HG Sniper Rifle (Perm)
XSR-110 Sniper Rifle (Perm)

Upgrade.png UPGRADE KIT - 200IM SALE 100IM! [Sale continues until March 1st!]


Get 10 random weapon upgrade materials, boosters, or insurance! There's even a chance to get materials +6 or higher! Wow!


Bolt Lv 1 - Lv 10
Barrel Lv 1 - Lv 10
Trigger Lv 1 - Lv 10
Spring Lv 1 - Lv 10
Upgrade Insurance x5
Upgrade Booster x5
Precise Grinder x5
AMP 1~2


Take a look at these awesome events going on this week!


Creative Comedy Comics Challenge

- Check out our latest community event! Make your own comics and win prizes!


Metal Assault Sharing Event
- We're running a very special sharing event for Metal Assault! The more shares we get, the more bonuses our players will receive!


Double EXP Weekends and Wednesdays!

- We're offering a bonus EXP rate every weekend and Wednesday! Enjoy!

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