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[Information] Success/Drop Rate

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Posted 02 February 2018 - 11:59 PM

How does a Success/Drop Rate work?


Because of the confusion regarding how the success/drop rate (chance) works I decided to post a small explanation. I hope it's helpful.



The success/drop rate (chance) is re-diced every single try/drop attempt.


Let's imagine the chance to succeed a process (for example Monster Card blending)/drop an item is at 50%.

Explained in easy words and a simplified example.

We are giving the RNG a number range from 1...1000. Every time the RNG generates a number < 500 for the specific try/drop attempt the try/drop fails.


1st try - RNG: 326: < 500 failed

2nd try - RNG: 488: < 500 failed

3rd try - RNG: 356: < 500 failed

4th try RNG: 15: < 500 failed

5th try RNG: 501: >= 500 success


if we would use the same example for a success chance of 65% by a given range of 1...1000 every time the RNG would generate a number < 350 would fail. That would mean for the example above:

1st try - RNG: 326: < 350 failed

2nd try - RNG: 488: >= 350 success


as you can see the success chance (rate) does not mean that you will get a definite success after X tries but still the chance to be successful at a specific re-dice is higher.


The only definite success is at 100% because the range in our example would be 1...1000 - the RNG would have to generate a number below 1 which would be not possible for a range 1...1000. So A 100% success rate IS actually a 100% success rate.


I hope that is understandable.


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#2 mekhneche


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Posted 05 March 2018 - 11:25 AM

Thank you for the explanation it was really interesting popcorn :)
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