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Paladin Build

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#1 njosefbeck


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Posted 14 February 2018 - 02:14 PM

Hi all!


Thanks to all of your advice on my crusader build, I was able to get to 99! And now I'm trying to figure out how I want to approach Paladin. I have some questions, and I'd like some advice. Also, feel free to share Paladin builds you're going to use as well. It can be so tough to find builds that will work for our server, as most guides either take 3rd jobs into account, or aren't renewal.


So, first, my stats:


STR: 90

AGI: 40

VIT: 74

INT: 30

DEX: 50

LUK: 2


I eventually would like to WoE on this character, hence the higher VIT and lower AGI.


As far as skills go, my thought would be to skill build for HC again in order to level quickly, and then once I get high enough to reset for a more WoE supportive build with Battle Chant, Gloria Domini, and all the shield skills/buffs? BUT, I also was thinking about going the Rapid Smiting route from the beginning and forego HC all together. Thoughts on this?

  • Is Rapid Smiting a viable leveling build with Renewal mechanics?
  • Is Battle Chant helpful both in a party situation AND in WoE?
  • RIght now my final skill build has Gloria Domini Lvl 1 - is that pointless? Mostly just thought it'd be useful in WoE for taking away people's SP.

This would be my final skill build, I'm thinking something like the following:


Feel free to tear it all apart! Really open to suggestions, as it's kind of confusing to figure out which way to go. Ultimately, I'd like to be useful in parties and in WoE. To me I guess that would be a Sacrifice-based build, but I thought that Battle Chant might be a more interesting route to take... and would still let me level using Rapid Smiting.


Any and all thoughts much appreciated!




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#2 RaohSung


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Posted 16 February 2018 - 07:36 PM

Rapid Smiting in Renewal is pretty strong, yes, but I wouldnt bother with it for now.
The Shield and weapon Options do not favour this skill at this moment.

What you should have in mind: Skill do have a Cast Time, which is actually pretty Long at the beginning, except you spend direktly a lot into DEX and INT.
Secondly, Cast Time is interuptable. In most cases , not that of a Problem because with your Peco you have quite good mobility, but can kill you on some maps/Scenarios if not equipped with a Phen/B.Butterfly.
Dont Forget the Cast Delay and quite heavy on SP for Long term leveling, while pure solo leveling.
And no, Rideword and other leeching Options do not consider 5 Hits for the attack, just bundles down into 1 Hit.

So, If you arent perma with a HP/Clown, I would still go the AGI HC Route for now. Maybe you can even Hybrid it with MR for MVP Options... But MR is heavily nerfed in Renewal Mechanics so I dont even know if it is even a viable Option. For PVP/WOE, it is not.

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#3 heickelrrx


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Posted 17 February 2018 - 12:24 AM

Matyr Not taken Card modifider on renewal, it's pure HP, yet can be reduced by Racial Reduction

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