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Assasin Skill Suggestion/Question: Perfect Strike :-)

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Posted 03 March 2018 - 03:37 AM

hello guys :)

i have a question about the assasin skill perfect strike :
atm (written from skill discription) the skill can be lvled from 1-5 and it will have 400-600% of weapon attack scaling(if tested this proofs right, so it does a bit more damage then the swift attack lvl 10 skill which has 460% at lvl 10)

but here comes my question, in the lower discription of the skill there is explained that it should do 400-800% final atk scaling (like skills like sniping, wood rush, vulcan 300)

is it possible to think about a new calculation for this skill like making it a high risk high reward skill? for example the destroyer has his sniping skill with low cooldown and 500% final attack scaling on several hits,

maybe it would be better if the ninja has final attack scaling on perfect strike too, so he could do sick crits in pve, and do painfull damage in pvp(with a skill that has 60sec cooldown and only hit once, so in my opinion it should be overpowered)
also atm ninja has more like a support/tank role in pvp, since most ppl go health and try to stun with the rocket punch ant all and perfect strike only to escape or travel distance

btw i would rly appreciate if we could talk generally about more skills having final attack/matk scaling, for example few skills of the overlord which only hit ones, or the big meteor falling skill of the warlock, this should have to cause to overpowering those classes/skills, just making few skills which arent used mostly atm more rewarding :-)

btw in my opinion the most last patches in the past 2 years about balancing and damage multiplicators especially pve were rly good and due the fact that i know this game since 9 years, atm pve does alot of fun with most classes and i think pvp will get balanced too, u guys are on a good way :-)!

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