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why isnt this solved yet / some ideas

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Posted 15 March 2018 - 11:01 PM

​First The Failiures from nowadays 


things like : monster HP isnt shown 


​missing npcs like getting the 1% forge succes chance which you could make 9%s from :heh: 

​missing npcs to make fluids? LOL  :questionmark: 


things like : 8 bags expansions doesnt work if an player got 5 bags then it asks for an 3 bag item

which isnt even at the item mall for trifri server so i am stuck with 5 bags on my mystic?


nova lux 2 gate keepers? 1# the broken one 2# the good one?


broken lv50 dailys the monster spawns are messed up change it back bec everyone annoys of 

flying trough entire turba to complete this -_-


drop rates in premium dungeon doesnt work like it has to work 


drop rates in treasure dungeon doesnt work like it has to work 


drop rates in lv 69 dungeon doesnt work like it has to work 


drop rates in lv 89 dungeon doesnt work like it has to work 


drop rate of lesser waves / greater waves at Black tower doesnt work like it has to work you kill

thousends of those nubullions for like 10 ? ( some are other type so you dont have what you need )


let the requiem team check BT out for botters if an player is insite black tower for longer then 20 hours kick them out 

of the game for 1 day <- 


​My Personal Ideas


​add permanent costumes to aeternum server


change back the pet lvl booster from 200 malls to 100 malls like it used to be


remove premium from item mall change it back to how it was


make pets tradable with bound on equip xeons  ( same with permanent costumes! )


dont combine both servers on battlefield its like an mouse vs an dragon if you know what i mean 


add it so there is 1 reinforce event every month ( on the same dates ) so players can propare for 

reinforce events and also know when it is doing so brings back an couple of players information based


​make an requiem guide for players which are new or players which are making an lv1 char for things like


​monster drops


​how to forge 

how to get certain xeons 



​i see players struggeling which is kind of sad 


PK protection  :p_idea: 

​PK protection remover  :p_sick: 


​reasons :


​players wanna enjoy pve more then pvp like back in the day

​without getting killed


​lv90 players are killing lv30-50 while they are trying to lvl up which brings me back to the old 

​world of warcraft days when you die you lose everything even your lvl but here its also annoying

​for players which are getting instant killed sad no1 has created this before now its kind of useless

​compareing how usefull it could be back in the days to make ppl enjoy the game even more .



if you enjoyed reading this like this -_-  :heh:  :heh:  :heh:





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