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Someone ever thought about attackspeed scaling on savages?

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#1 xfirebrandx


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Posted 16 March 2018 - 07:47 AM

Hey hey,


I recently had a stupid idea, but i thought i try.


The Skills windmill and Headspin both already have a movementspeed scaling. its not much but u definetly reach further with more movespeed.

I thought about adding an attackspeed scaling that decreases the delay between hits and speeds up the animation. (that should go with some more movespeed, so u can reach the same distance in shorter time)


That would increase the dps of those skills a bit but also decreases their stun and throw up abilitys(pvpwise). since the skill is finished faster ppl have more time to react until it comes off cooldown again. I don't really have savage pvp experience anymore since my alwayshigh ping makes pvp impossible. 


And since i pve a lot i thought that it would be nice to atleast have 1 skill besides final decision that does more dps than x attacks...

(cause i thought savage should be a skill heavy class and not a melee xspammer.)










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#2 Kristof3195


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Posted 16 March 2018 - 09:42 AM

I might have to be harsh there but this is just too overpowered for PvP. Headspin has gotten a longer cooldown already for PvP because it was realy strong It has got a knock up, you can walk while casting it and it got true super armor. I think those skills realy dont need any more buffs.


And as for PvE. Savages are above average when it comes to clear speed of stuff if it is f1 or Drakos w / e.


Savage is a heavy skill class already its just you dont use them because its convenient to just use 2-3 and you want to make them even more convenient.


But yeah your opinion is valid but my opinion differs from yours so I hope you wont take this offensive.

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#3 xfirebrandx


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Posted 16 March 2018 - 12:11 PM

Well i thought that changes would actually be a nerf pvp wise, cause the attack is finished quicker.


For windmill for example, the skill says " stun probability accumulation " , if that means the stun times get added to each other that should be changed so u get stunned per hit but it doest add up, so the effective stun is shorter when the skill is faster.


and for head spin: with this change you would reach the knockup to the highest point faster, or you already are high and "bounce ontop " of the skill where u could actually "dodge" some dmg ticks by beeing out of reach.



Its true that these skills are still good for clearing mob groups but it feels really clunky to get slowed down. that was my thought in changing it

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