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Jumeaux passive idea

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Posted 19 March 2018 - 07:03 AM

Hello dear community. I thought about a special passive for Jumeaux ( last job of twins ).


Every class has got a passive increaasing their what ever stats. This I think is not very effective or usefull on twins due to the stats being capped nowadays. You can have  every stat maxed out without the needance of passives. 


Twin skills are neat, Main twin skills are okey too but what about fusion? Those skills are rather lack luster when it comes down to damage kit and usefullness since the cap fusion got not much of a bonus in there.


One Mind, One Fist


The Idea: The Passive allows the user to use all skills in Fusion mode both from the main character and twin. All those skills should be affectable by Fusion Boost.



The reasoning behind such a passive would be giving another option of catching other people. People tend to not want to fight twins ( Lets ignore block and ghost fighter ) because they can catch someone with a invincible brother and still keep the main character safe. The problem is there are almost no catching skills for the main twin character ( Except for power fist but due to the ms cap and animation of the skill using just this one is like being a fish in the sahara if you play without blocking skills and so on. ) 


With skills that could be performed in the fusion mode it would give twins more options to catch + more options to make some plays and giving the opponent the opportunity to counter them. 


Yes it might not change the playstyle of people but it gives an option for twins to fight fair and square in room PvP and people might demand this playstyle from the twin to face them. Since I have been shot down so many times to pvp people because im a twin even tho I told em not to use block or ghost fighter.

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