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how does spear dynamo and auto Berserk affect skills?

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#1 neal2008


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Posted 16 July 2018 - 01:02 AM

i have been searching the internet to no avail on why Spear Dynamo and Auto Bersek 25% attack boost does not have an equivalent increase in damage to skills compared to basic attacks. My basic attack would increase by the exact amount but my skills barely change in damage.


so my question is on which part of the damage calculation is affected by Spear Dynamo and Auto Berserk and why the increase in damage is so different?

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#2 Ashuckel


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Posted 16 July 2018 - 03:54 PM

it's added on the percentage of damage you are dealing.

Autoattacks deal 100% of your atk. Skills have their own amount.

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Posted 16 August 2018 - 06:25 AM

To elaborate a little:


What you were (roughly) hoping for with Spear Dynamo:


  • Damage = ATK * SkillMultiplier * SpearDynamoMultiplier (this would be awesome!)


What you are (roughly) getting:


  • Damage = ATK * (SkillMultiplier + SpearDynamoMultiplier) (this is not so awesome)


When auto attacking, Spear Dynamo's 25% ATK boost can easily translate into a 25% damage boost, because auto attack damage is a direct function of your ATK.  Boost ATK by 25%, get ~25% more damage.1


But, when you're attacking with a skill, you now have the skill's % ATK multiplier in the mix - and Spear Dynamo's 25% boost doesn't multiply that multiplier, it just (effectively) gets added to it before the latter is multiplied against your ATK.  So, Spear Dynamo will underwhelm when used with a skill that already has a huge ATK multiplier, because the % ATK boost Spear Dynamo provides is now just a "drop in the ocean" of the total multiplier provided by Spear Dynamo and your skill when added together.  Relatively, it's a small boost.  E.g., suppose you are using a skill with a 1500% ATK multiplier.  Spear Dynamo doesn't increase that multiplier to 1875%, it increases it to 1525%.  Or, in other words, an increase in your total ATK multiplier of ~1.67% - and roughly the same boost to final damage.  


(1) THE FINE PRINT: Actual results may vary depending on what buffs you have, which can interact with Spear Dynamo in idiosyncratic ways (e.g., Aura Blade).

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