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Champion Advice

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    I am New.

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Posted 07 October 2018 - 04:05 PM

Hi folks,


I'm playing for the first time in a few years and everything is different! I love it so far, I am a Spear Soldier Lv.32 grinding in El Verloon. 


I play almost always solo, so I am building my character for that for now. If I can reset later with a freebie or purchased item, that's cool for later. I read what I could find on here that's recent, and a Champion sounded fun for solo and so far the new skill tree is really cool. So I have some questions about building my character, as well as how to level up. Note, I'm not really concerned with leveling as fast as possible. I am enjoying how much is new to me so I'm more concerned with enjoying myself. I like to King hunt, but people seem to recommend AoE instead, that's cool. 


I am using the Refurbished Spear that some quest from Zant gave me, upgraded to 5. Are there any other quests along my way that give unique weapons, armors etc. like that? I know they aren't particularly powerful but it's fun to collect them. Or to use anything but store-bought weapons lol.



As for stats I am just all Str with 10 Con since I had trouble on Hunter Rackies hitting them. Did I read that Charm affects my buff strength now? (I wasn't kidding that it's been years lol). What would a generic solo champ stat build look like?



Damage: Lv.5 Spear Strike, Lv.5 Piercing Stab, Lv,2 Fire Sweep, Lv.1 Wind & Ice Sweep

Buff: Lv.1 Power Overflow, Lv.1 Durability Assist, Lv.1 Staminal Assist

Passive: Lv.1 Spear Training, Lv.1 Spear Speed, Lv.1 Two Hand Finesse


Seems like I took the AoE's way too soon since I can't tank more than 2 mobs and they aren't that powerful. Wind Sweep is really nice for dodge debuff though. Now I should start leveling up passive skills I guess since the buffs aren't that powerful yet. 


Now I need to go look for which items I should be saving and vending. Seems like I have a ton of refines, dirty stones/hearts etc and angel/devil feathers but I don't know if they are worth anything. If there is a good thread you have seen I would appreciate you dropping a link here. Once I get to JP I will just start checking shops too. 


Totally unrelate: It says my profile name is a big string of numbers. How the heck do I change that lol

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Posted 07 October 2018 - 08:40 PM

Hi and welcome back!


You asked a lot of very good questions but I think it would be easier to chat with you directly rather than here at the forum. We have a ROSE community Discord chat.  Here is the link to the topic  When you get to the chat, send me a friend request. My name there is HB.  Then I can help you get caught up with changes in the game.and answer any questions you might have.


Looking forward to meeting you!



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