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Class revisión needed

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#1 BioElesis


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Posted 23 January 2019 - 12:43 AM

Hello All,


The class valance seems to have stopped but here i m with what i think must taken into consideration.



Under powered classes


Protector: there's no possible pvp build for this class, really low damage and useless Taunt in raids, actually anyone can tank.... Protector has lost his purpose in game. Sad class. Shield should be able to block magic attacks not only physical.



Shadow Runner: Death class since 7-8 years ago. there are so few that you can literally count them with one hand, some player still use them for the skill "Silence" other than that this class is simple a Rogue.. Low damage with Dual and Bow, especially with Bow, really slow attack speed, This class needs help ASAP, they should be able able to attack faster with bow (the skill Sniping should reduce 0.5/1.0 attack speed) or add speed reduction to Silence -10/20%



Ranger: This class needs an update in end game Armor/weapon, they probably have the lowest damage out of all classes because the low CAD. this class is supposed to be the strongest shooter but its not!  DEX should increase CAD 10 DEX  = 1 CAD



Warlord: Nerfed class, Only usable if you're lvl90 full equipped and that's expensive... the Darkest Armor increase DEF insteat of physical damage and some parts dosn't even increase CON/STR 3/6, the new lvl80 skill have an Absurd High C/D and low on AoE range (C/D should be around 5sec - Range should be around 15m) or reduce Full Swing C/D to 3/4sec.


Assasins: SS Style is dead! why? Darkest set should provide the freedom to choose between AA and SS for all classes, if not why do we have Claws? all Sin skills should have at least 10m range AoE and low C/D... The AA you're forcing everyone to play makes the Sin unable to handle more than 1 target at a time... please take this into consideration, SS sins should not disappear!





Over Powered classes


Druid: For some reason we "Community" are ignored about this, why does Druid being a Magic class have x4 stuns? and 2 of them in Inferno's Form which is "unstoppable" due to perma anty stun, the other one is an OP 6sec AoE stun Wow.. Wow.. Wow just unbelievable, i think GMs dosn't play too often to see that this is out of question too much... there is no class able to survive those 4 stun, no matter how much HP,DEF,Ress you have, by the time the last stun ends, the first one is ready...


Elementalist: I've been playing this class and all others for a while and the Elem debuff is by far the most deadly skill in game, and that's not the only advantage they also have a 5sec Dash which is way too OP, DNA for this skill should be removed and Elemental debuff should be nerfed to at least -25/30% ress.  



Legendary weapon


All should have CAD/SCAD or none, if only wand/staff have OP SCAD this is not balance.




Please comment all ideas are welcome.

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#2 reqbugkiller


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Posted 18 February 2019 - 08:44 PM


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