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Buff Sorcerer 1v1 PVP but not group PVP

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#1 FishyNyan


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Posted 30 January 2019 - 02:54 AM

So Sorcerer is really good in group PVP, you have good followup CC and good damage, but when it comes to 1v1 PVP, you gonna have a hard time, your skills are slow and easy to avoid unless your opponent really reckless, not to mention you freeze skill success chance is only 40% which is ok in group PvP but unreliable in 1v1 situation, basically you have no good catching skill, that's why you only good in 1v1 when people are easily distracted and you have your teammate assist.

I really rooting for this class to be buff in 1v1 PvP but just don't make them much stronger in group PvP. What's your opinion?


For me, Maybe give Missile skill solid knockdown, and lower their cast time to 0,2 sec.

This is how I see:
_This skill basically just like Sword dance/ Rocket punch but a little different, Rocket and Sword dance Shoot fast, almost instant but the projectile flies fairly slow, Missile has 0,2 sec cast which is a bit slower but the projectile flies faster.
_Pretty far range, outrange rocket and lv 10 Sword dance a bit

_BUT Linear range just like SD/Rocket, yes it can home to nearest target but still Linear, you can easily dodge by step aside to dodge or just jump. that's why I think 0,2 sec is ok, 0,3 seem slow

_Deal good damage!

_Single target, I know we have 10 missiles but all of them pretty much hit one single target, unless target die or someone suddenly come in

_8 sec cooldown, quite long but reasonable for all of those good damage/ far range, and for that you can't just aimlessly waste this skill.
_Solid knockdown? Bring super armor.

So will this make sorcerer stronger in group PVP? Well... actually, I'm not sure??? I still think this skill not really affect much in group PvP like Blizzard// Fire emblem that's why I think buff this skill seem ok, it's single target, if you miss then it gone unlike blizzard or fire emblem. Its cool down is long.

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#2 ecchi


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Posted 06 March 2019 - 01:14 PM

Agreed, PvP 1on1 using Wizard / Warlock is ivery hard.

If make missiles a catching skill, something have to give. Because missiles deal heavy damage compares to Sword Dance. Rocket Punch have strong damage than Sword Dance, and can put a slow affect on opponent.

Dev can make Tornado as catching skill. After opponent fall down from launch, opponent can have a shorter time of dizziness/stun.

Sorcerer can have a catching skill (Sword Dance) after completing Dungeon of Destiny.

You can also catch player with Time Freeze after skill @ Lv.60.

Sorcerer is very powerful. The downside is that they don't have any catching skill at an early stage. But when they able to freeze or catch the opponent, they can deal serious damages or completely even kill you when it done right with skill combos.

For now, use Tornado and predict where they would land do and do Blizzard.

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