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check this out ! PM me message please if you want to trade also .thank you.

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#1 Abo0od


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Posted 25 April 2019 - 01:51 PM

S>2x Bishop card FBH w/ +7DiaBoots offer please

Zeny or trade some MVP card Via GM . no Dollars thx guys PM message please.
B>+0 ~ +9 elemental sword [3]
B>DiaRing clean or w/Zerom

B>Gloom card or with 3str formal suit.
B>3dex DiaRobe
B>+0~+9 Nid
B>Orc Skel Card 9m each
B>Orlean Glove clean or w/ Phen
B>+9 Infil Katar PM me your price
B>+9Valk Manteau or w/ Giant Whisper card
B>Gum in Mouth
B>+9 voh clean or carat 1b
S>bapho card
S>2xDL card / +7 diaBoots w/DL card
S>+8Infiltrator Memory of THANATOS card offer please
S>2x dopple card
B>3x SK card
S>god pcs woe1/2
S>2x Osiris card
S>GR , DR ,Angeling Card
S>AmonRa card
S>TGeneral card
S>TG card
S>Eddga card
S>Hatti w/ +9formal suit /+4 4dex Valk armor
S>Pharaoh card
S>+7 Infiltrator katar w/ Samurai card
S>Kiel Card and top gear and mid gear w/ kiel card
S>Vesper card
S>white lady card
S>ESL card
S>OH card / 4xSunnies
S>GTB card / +9 Valk shield of Deaf
S>OL card / +3vit DiaArmor w/ OL card

offer masg plz


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#2 RodrigoSan


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Posted 28 April 2019 - 05:15 AM

Sell me Osiris card 1b pls

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#3 7460181126215735827


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Posted 26 July 2019 - 04:34 PM

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