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The Independence of the classes and how to fix some skills

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Posted 09 June 2020 - 08:40 AM

Hi, I play ragnarok since 2016 and since I have always noticed some issues(besides all the bugs ofc). I play mainly as Monk and Sage, and about these and some other classes skills I thought about changes that would certainly improve the game and, most importantly, the independence of some classes.

I'll talk about balance changes that i think would benefit the game experience and also talk about class independence.

But, lets begin talking about a Crusader skill.


The issue with Grand Cross (GC):
Ragnarok has its personal math, and by that, it makes it very specific with numbers. But Ragnarok its a game that definitely does not benefit from self inflicted dmg, and 20% from a skill that does not deals that load of dmg, seems very, very unjust. GC is a skill that bases its dmg on ATK and MATK, inflicting it in AoE form and by being holy property, it becomes very useful when against undead and demon mainly. But no, Its not very useful. You, in any scenario, will not be able to lvl solo with this skill. Besides the dmg being LOWER than the Knights Brandish Spear, the skills also rely on the user having a big health pool aswell as high DEF stats for sustaining not only mob dmg, but the dmg that is self inflicted. In its actual form, its almost impossible to a build focused on GC because:
20% is too much HP to lose in a single skill

Deals medium AoE dmg

Crusader MATK will come only from INT status most of the times, making MATK a very low % of the skill total dmg

Resolution: Make the self inflicted dmg be "tankable" by res. to holy property and MDEF, or simply remove it, at all, increasing the SP cost and/or reducing the dmg.



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#2 clief03


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Posted 09 June 2020 - 08:54 AM

Now lets talk about Monk class (On this topic I'll ignore all 3rd classes and its skills)

Monk is a melee orientated class that has its dmg based monstly in STR. On 1x1 scenarios its a very strong class that can lvl solo even if u dont have strong equips and stuffs. It is, along side with Creator, the best class to farm MVP's and other monsters with high hp. Can also function as supp and has a fairly good health pool, much like Blacksmith.

The problem is the lack of an AoE dmg, and i see why this class has not even one AoE skill. And thats why we need to talk about class independece in Rag.

Ragnarok benefits from the lack that some classes have that can be fulfilled by joining with one another. And thats ok, healthy and expected.

But the dependability that some classes have from others, such as monk and wizard, make the lvling experience (mostly) kinda unfair for some, mostly new players.

"But monk has Asura, the strongest single target skill in game", and that is not a good reason for the monk to do not be able to kill more than one target per time.

Resolution: Make Throw Spirit Sphere an AoE skill, with target, in 3x3 area. Reduce its dmg to 1600% or 1400% AT LV5 and increase its SP cost.


I think every class should have an AoE skill, but not all of them should be strong, of course. Not every class needs to be as strong as Knight.

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#3 clief03


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Posted 09 June 2020 - 09:14 AM

Sage: All sage support area skills, except for Magnetic Earth and Mist as Scholar, are essentially USELESS. To be fair, i have never seem proper use of vulcano, deluge or whirlwind. Not even in WoE. Never. Not even in ragnarok transcendence, and i played in several servers, international and brazilian.

Resolution: Make a AoE buff skill at least. All friendly characters in the area will receive a buff that will last 5 min(or more). I sincerely cant see no proper use of these three skills on today's mold.


Second, but not least : Sage also needs an AoE skills that its not pathetic as Heavens Drive. What I came with was an 5x5 skill, targetable, dealing Poison property magic dmg, that will deal dmg per second among a range of 5 to 10s of AoE around the first targeted enemy.

It should deal medium dmg and have moderate cooldown. Not "spamable".

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