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Lucky Box System and UI

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Posted 11 January 2011 - 08:15 PM

Lucky Box System and UI
Posted Image

1. Click on Lucky Box button. Warning - This UI will consume Points.
Posted Image

2. Select a quantity to purchase using the arrow buttons and click Start to obtain.
Point cost per Lucky Box Posted Image150
Posted Image

3. Lucky Box will be inserted into the character inventory, right-click on it and select Open.
Posted Image

4. A list of items you can get is shown according to their percentage to obtain.
- Reinforce Info.: shows the success rate of the next reinforcement.
- Automation Option: allows system to automatically reinforce Lucky Box according to its settings
- Reset: reset all settings
- Reinforce: proceed to reinforce Lucky Box
- Open: obtain an item according to items percentage
- End: close Lucky Box window

5. To increase the chance to obtain a particular item, you may reinforce Lucky Box. Then you may exclude items by clicking the select button below the item. 6. The number of exclusions increase according to the reinforcement grade (+X).
Example: You can exclude up to 3 items with Lucky Box +3
Posted Image

7. To reinforce Lucky Box, you will need to have Magic Stick(s) in the character inventory.
Magic Sticks can be purchased from Item Mall.

8. After purchasing Magic Stick, it will be inserted into your Cash Inventory. Click on Manage Item button and move it to the character inventory.
Repeat Step 7 - 8 for multiple Magic Sticks purchase

9. Proceed to reinforce Lucky Box to the desired grade. Magic Stick(s) will automatically be consumed from the character inventory.
Posted Image

10. The number of items you can exclude is displayed at the top-right corner.

11. Once reinforced to the desired grade and selecting the items to exclude, you may click Open to obtain an item. Your prize will be inserted into the character inventory.

Lucky Box Reinforcement Guide

  • To reinforce once, click on Reinforce button without any Automation Option settings
  • For multiple reinforcement, you may use Automation Option settings:
  • Auto Reinforcement - Automatically consume all Magic Sticks available in character inventory, unless stopped.
  • Reinforcement up to - Magic Sticks will be automatically consumed to reinforce Lucky Box to the grade number being set.
  • (Example: By setting +10, Magics Sticks will be continuously consumed until Lucky Box is reinforced to +10)
General Lucky Box FAQ

  • Q: I have purchased Magic Stick, why do I receive an error - You do not have any Magic Stick item? A: Please ensure you have moved your Magic Stick from Cash Inventory to character inventory
  • Q: Why did my Magic Stick disappear after clicking Reinforce but the Lucky Box grade remains the same? A: The reinforcement has failed. Magic Sticks will be consumed each attempt regardless of success.
  • Q: Will my Lucky Box disappear or its grade decrease after failed reinforcement? A: No, Lucky Box item and its grade will remain the same despite failed reinforcement.
  • Q: If my Lucky Box has been reinforced to (+10), does that mean I can get an item 100% after excluding 10 other items? A: Yup! You can get a specific item, if you are able to exclude up to 10 items

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