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How to Kill Beelzebub as a Sura?

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#1 Hiraishin


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Posted 03 July 2020 - 03:47 AM

Hello Folks!


I have been working on different tricks to try to kill Ghost property MVPs as a Sura. But the one MVP that still gets the best out of me is Beelzebub. The fly form of Beelzebub can agi up and have over 1000 of flee. Gloom Under Night is the same way; however, Gloom Under Night is slow as can be. I can easily walk him around Central Lab and wait for his Agi up to wear out, besides he also has half of Beelzebub's HP. I have not been able to fight solo Naght Sieger as a Sura yet, since I cant pass Beelz.


So here are the tricks tried:

1. MS Reflect damage with enforcer shoes and advanced Ifrit rings for high meteor assault effect dmg. Using an Abyss Dress with this I can hit him for over 100k. The meteor assault spams quite a bit with all his flies triggering the auto cast via reflect.


Weakness: When he agi up, Meteor Assault starts missing and big time. Also since the damage is not to high it takes an awful long time. I had 10 Token of Siegfried and used them all and was still not able to change him to his true form. Thats the trick if you can change him he doesn't agi up and is game on (Thats why in Central Lab I can kill him).


2. Lion Howl him to death with high damage. I tried this route but is the same problem, you have to manage your snap around ET floor to not get hit while also missing. I can reach up to 800 of hit and I still miss big time.


3. MS reflect damage with speed of light temporal shoes. This one was the most promising so far, I made a build that reaches 120 of crit rate and with reflect, it triggers speed of light. I actually liked this build and I thought was the right solution until....Raging Trifecta Dumb Blow. I hate that skill as a Sura, every time my aspd reaches 193 the darn thing activates and I miss on high flee target. And all my critical build goes to hell.


All of these is without MVP cards. The only other route I got left to try is to increase my perfect hit, but there is a trade off. If you are not using MVP cards, like me. Then your option would very likely include a Verus Core. That means that options 2 and 3 are the most viable. But if you want to have higher survivability you may be better off using MS with Dev Etran Shirt and Alice carded shield.


Trying the perfect hit route without MPV card can score me 70 of perfect hit (Verus Corex2, Armor of Purple Thread). Its way better than missing over 30% of the time. Maybe the trifecta blow wont suck so bad. In either case I would like to read you all's method. How do you kill Beelzebub  as a Sura (no MVP cards).



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#2 blackCROSSCY


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Posted 03 July 2020 - 06:00 AM

don't run. Just tank with Lion's Howl+ Zen. Make sure you have phen card in one accessory. Use 2 Verus core when u see agi up, maybe even add a purple treaded armor if you must. No max damage build, just chase leech with all the minions available for you. Tengu scroll, malicious shadow set, succubus pet, should be enough. Use a wind resist pot if you tink still can't tank even with DR Etran, cuz its actually all the minion wind attack causing troubles.


Should be doable, try it out.


**edit** you can change back your normal accessories when he turn into real form, no agi up there. 

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#3 Cameraman


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Posted 02 October 2021 - 03:16 AM

If you already have a crit type sura, you can go with that. I suggest to take down the Hell Flies one by one until Chonchons remain. That's how I kill Beelzebub using an Arch Bishop when I solo ET. The downside for you is that SoL won't proc as much since only Beelzebub can hit you. But you should be able to eat away at its life slowly but surely. Its heal isn't that high (around 3k+) so you should be OK. I don't think you need to MS either if Beelzebub only has Chonchons around. Recently they released the CD in Mouth Type K so maybe that can help too. You can check my video below to see how effective this method is:

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#4 Ashuckel


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Posted 02 October 2021 - 09:18 AM

15 months

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