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Spring Flower Festival (2021): Costume Bell Flower Quest

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Posted 22 April 2021 - 08:45 PM

(Note: This is the 2021 event for iRO, but it's the 2017 version of the event for kRO.)


Initial Quest:

  1. Speak with Olive Olive (prontera 144/291)
    • Let her try to put the bells on you
    • Agree to help her
  2. You will get a quest to talk to her four cousins for advice on getting the bells to fit: Tortell, Couscous, Coco, and Ravi Ravi. Here are their locations
    • Tortell: East Prontera (prontera 276/215)
    • Couscous: South Prontera (prontera 166/74)
    • Coco: Near the Church (prontera 201/295)
    • Ravi Ravi: Fountain (prontera 163/213)
  3. Talk to the four cousins in any order
    • Ravi Ravi: He will ask for 10 914.png Fluff. Talk to Ravi Ravi again after you have 10 Fluff, which will end his sub-quest
    • Talking with each of the other cousins ends their sub-quest
  4. Talk to Olive Olive after speaking with all four cousins. With the help of her cousins, she now knows what to do to craft a bell hairpin for you
    • She will ask for 5 12854.png Voluminous Spray of Flowers and 30,000 zeny
  5. Return to Olive Olive with the ingredients

After you complete the quest the first time, you can speak with Olive Olive again to make more costumes (just bring the ingredients from Step 4) without going through the quest.


Repeatable: You can get 1x 12854.png Voluminous Spray of Flowers from Beryl (prontera 165/290) in exchange for:

  • 10 12310.png Spray of Flowers
  • 3 938.png Sticky Mucus
  • 579.png Fresh Fish


  • 10 12310.png Spray of Flowers
  • 3000 zeny

You can get Spray of Flowers from attacking tree auras. Use chorvaqueen's map to find the locations of tree auras:



Note that each tree aura, after being defeated, has a long respawn time, potentially 10 minutes. If you don't see an actual aura/glow and/or your cursor doesn't change to an attack symbol, the tree aura is on respawn. Look for another tree aura.

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