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Booster Event 2021 Video Guide

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Posted 13 June 2021 - 01:21 AM




A quick video guide for Booster event 2021~ hope it helps!


BTW, the 2 New costumes are currently Non-transferable, as in, its character locked-- I hope GM would make it tradable after the Booster event




  1. First, Make sure your game client is offline to make sure your entry would take effect.
  2. Go to and Login your account
  3. Go to forums check out latest updates on Renewal Maintance June 10,2020
  4. Look for the Booster Event and click the link, you'll be then redirected to its promo site
  5. Choose which account to avail the Promo event
  6.  Select  a Server, this only apply on an account with  an existing character
  7. You'll be redirected to a webpage and be notified if successful!
  8. Open your account, scroll carefully, and see the new character with a Promo Border
  9. Be Careful!! don’t enter the game yet, Right Click the character to change name!!
  10. Name can be change 1 time!
  11. After name change, Enter the game
  12. Find Booster Pack in your Inventory, open it!
  13. Identify, Equip and enjoy the freebies within the Pack!
  14. The Next Booster Pack can only be opened when you reach its specific level
  15. Now Level up your character!
  16. Reach Job level 10
  17. Proceed to Prontera (150, 280) after leveling up
  18. Talk to the Manager to give you instant 1st Class Job Change 
  19. Talk to Guarani to exchange your Metal Weapon ticket to a weapon suitable for your class
  20. Continue on to level your character! Reach Lv. 15 to open your next Booster Pack(15)
  21. Each pack will give you another higher level pack until you reach 175!
  22. Time to Grind!!


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