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Crack of Dimension Event 2021 Video Guide

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Posted 27 August 2021 - 03:44 PM



I hope this guide would help you, especially to the newbies and returning players, as most of peeps know, this event just made a comback from las year 2020

I really wish the rates of getting a Phreeoni Egg isn't as hard compare back then!


Official Guide link is here:





  1. To begin, go to north of Prontera
  2. Talk to Varmundt
  3. Agree to his request
  4. Talk to him again to proceed
  5. You'll be teleported to the quest map

          - You could enter either one of 3 maps at random

       6.Locate and protect the Guardian stones by eliminating the enemies

         - Destroy the hostiles so the NPC priest will keep healing the stones, just camp in over.

         - These are the random maps with Guardian Stone locations

         - You may assist to its restoration with Healing skills

         - When a Guardian Stone is fully healed, enemy spawning will stop

         - Proceed to protect the remaining Stones until all are fully healed

         - MVP monsters may also appear randomly on the map! Be ready!


         - You may also use an ASPD autocast AoE Spammer to hit the Guardian stone for you to AFK!! All enemies getting close to it will be destroyed from -AoE!!





         - Don’t worry IF each hit will only do 1 damage to the stone, but be healed for 9999 in return

       7. When all 4 Stones are fully healed, Varmundt will give a shoutout

       8. Hurry and find him at the spawn point

       9. Talk to him and receive Cupet Coins as reward

     10. Return again tomorrow to repeat this quest


Exchange Cupets Coins at the Vending Machine to win some prizes!

Bring in 30 Essence of Powerful Soul to Silverhand  in exchange for a Phreeoni Egg


Possible Pet Eggs:

Phreeoni, Cat O'Nine Tail, Loli Ruri, Teddy Bear, Nine Tail, Succubus, Alice, Deviruchi,

Marionette, Drops,Savage Babe, Desert Wolf, Poison Spore, Spore, Dokebi,

Munak, Bongun, Smokie, Picky, Yoyo, Peco Peco, or Lunatic



Possible Pet Tames/Prizes:

Essence of Powerful Soul, Girl's Doll, Very Red Juice, Boy's Pure Heart, Girl's Naivety, Contract in Shadow, Small Doll Needle,

Old Broom,Tantan Noodle, Staff of Leader, Vagabond's Skull, Book of the Devil, Sap Jelly, 150 Cupet Coins, 50 Cupet Coins,

30 Cupet Coins, 20 Cupet Coins,15 Cupet Coins, Luxurious Pet Food, Well-Dried Bone, Sweet Milk, Fatty Chubby Earthworm,

Orange Juice,Dew-Laden Moss, Sweet Potato,Rainbow Carrot, Her Heart, No Recipient, Earthworm the Dude, Monster Juice,

Rusty Iron, Pet Food, or Pet Incubator

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