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Snow Flower Festival Christmas Event 2021 Video Guide

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Posted 23 December 2021 - 08:05 PM


Get Cool Costumes  and treats this holiday season! Join this easy event, and access it's daily quests!


Skip through video to select specific quests:

  • Marine's Request- 2:49
  • Word Card Quest - 5:10
  • Warm Cotton Quest- 6:52
  • Pure Love Muffler Quest - 8:23


Win random prizes in finishing each quests:

  • Kachua Secret Key
  • Costume Snow Flower
  • Costume Let It Snow
  • (10) Ice Candy
  • Old Card Album
  • Yggdrasil Berry
  • Yggrasil Seed
  • Snow Cookie  (Hit + 30 for 10 minutes.Restores 5% HP)
  • Winter Cookie (Atk + 3% for 10 minutes.Restores 5% HP)
  • Pestie Cookie (Aspd + 10% for 10 minutes.Restores 5% HP)
  • (5) Flora Cookie  (Matk + 3% for 10 minutes.Restores 5% HP)


Snow Flower Festival Event

  1. To Start Head to Eden HQ
  2. Talk to Snowman NPC( free 1x warp to Aldebaran)
  3. Talk to Winter
  4. Accept her Request and bring 10 Magical Snow flower
  5. Return with the loots and receive random reward and buff item of your choice!
  6. Now, you can do Snow Flower Festival's Daily Quests!

Event Daily Quests:

Name Card Quest

  1. Go to the north east corner of map, church front
  2. Talk to Twinkle
  3. Find and open name card envelope -  (contains random letters)

can bedropped from aldebaran

  1. Assemble  letters: F, E, S, T, I, V, A, L
  2. Turn in the completed 8 - Letter Cards to claim prize

Marine's request

  1. Talk to Marine
  2. Accept his request
  3. Collect 10 Snow Flowers
  4. Return with loots to claim random prize, plus  buff of your choice

Warm Cotton Quest  10 cottons

  1. Got to the North gate of the map
  2. Talk to Coti to begin
  3. Collect 10 Warm Cotton, can be auto-picked by hunting monsters of Lutie Field
  4. Return with loots to claim prize


Pure Love Muffler Quest

  1. Go to lower right corner of Aldebaran Tower
  2. Talk to Elder to begin
  3. Help the snowmen get all the materials  
  4. Bring 3x Milk, 3x Potatoes,  and one of each Blue Card L, O, V, and E
  5. Head to Prontera to get Milk and Potatoes    
  6. Return to Sparkle
  7. Follow the trail toward the 3 Workers
  8. Return to Sparkle
  9. Receive your reward
  10. You can also begin its daily quest
  11. Bring 3x Milk, 3x Potatoes,  3 Snow Festa Card Pack

Also hunt Down 5 Aldebran Mysticase

  1. Return to Sparkle and get random prize







Special thanks to all other artist who made the

creation of this video possible!

Please support them too!

Copyrights belongs to their respective owners.

All materials may have been use belong

to their respective creators/owners.

No Infringement intended.




Vexento - We Are One

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#2 gaurus


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Posted 06 January 2022 - 05:29 AM

Thanks again for the guide!


Anyway getting all the letters required when opening the card pack sometimes is a hit or miss. When the fate is on your side, you ll get it in even just 30 packs. My worse one yet is opening 80 pack but still missing an O lol ( for the love muffler quest) . Thankfully I remembered can get O card using Strawberry in mouth at this moment. Have low chance of dropping B and O card when killing mob albeit with low chance and need the char to actually kill stuff. Just throwing this info out here to help out those farming for the same quest.

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#3 vividort


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Posted 06 January 2022 - 08:53 AM

if you get the word SNOW you're screwed, i have yet to get a letter W from the packs over a 100 packs and nothing not sure if its bugged or im really unlucky


Edit: welp turns out im just unlucky... >.<

Edited by vividort, 06 January 2022 - 09:16 AM.

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#4 Meddler01


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Posted 11 January 2022 - 02:27 AM

Yeah guys that's the problem, it would have been better if the Letter Cards were transferable, so other extra letters might be shared and use to help other players... which was the spirit of Christmas after all..SHARING AND HELPING :ani_swt:  :ani_swt:  :ani_swt:


Probably the settings were made so players  weren't able to abused the letters,  but not to be shared also..


Not to Badmouth, but Developers we'rent able to get this "sharing concept" solved  :Emo_22:  :Emo_22:  :Emo_22:  :Emo_22:  :Emo_22:

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