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[Chaos]how to lvl up Monk or Champion fast?

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#1 youkidding12


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Posted 03 January 2022 - 05:56 AM

without AOE skill , how to level up Monk or Champion fast?

making use of TI, or Nogg2F


no Dark Lord Card or other MVP also...

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#2 HolyxD


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Posted 28 January 2022 - 08:06 PM

Fist get a marine sphere card in a clip, keep some donuts and get the eden buff to speed things a little.

Lv 1 to Lv 8: kill Willows in payon field 1.

Lv 8 to Lv 18: kill Spores in payon field 8.

Lv 18 to Lv 30: kill Horn, Elder willow and Coco in payon field 9.

Lv 30 to Lv 56: Sunken Ship, kill everything using magnum break from your marine sphere card.

Lv 30 to Lv 56 Alt Route: go to Byalan island dungeon and kill everything

Lv 30 to Lv 85  Alt Route 2: Go to overlook water dungeon (could be slow but you'll get there :))

Lv 56 to Lv 71: do the eden sticky webfoot quest until you reach lv 71 you will required a lot of Sticky webfoots(900-2000) only if you can affor to buy that quantity.

Lv 71 to Lv 91: Harpy bounties in juno, just keep doing those over and over (recommended to use a earth weapon or converter)

Lv 71 to Lv 91 Alt Route: do the Grand Peco Peco, Goat and Sleeper bounties in juno (their damage is kinda low compared to harpies so you'll be safe)

Lv 91 to Lv 100: do the nogg 2 bounties in Juno (try to get help from a friend or hire a rebel to leech you until 99-100 if you can)

Lv 91 to LV 99 Alt Route: do the Geffen Dark Priest, Wraith and Evil Druid bounties, could be slow but safe(use a Undead armor if you can)

Lv 99 to Lv 140: do bio 4 Adventurer guild quests, theres always people in Lighthalzen doing parties to go there, ask them to invite you but first you need to do the bio4 entrance quests what are 3 quests( biolabs entrance quest, cursed spirit and dangerous rumors) tho the first one can be skipped using the eden dungeon teleporter.

Lv 140 to LV 160: Lighthalzen bio 4 bounties

Lv 160 to 175: Adventured guild quests once again for bio 4 monsters

Lv 175 to Lv 185: Nogg lv 3 

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#3 Ashuckel


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Posted 29 January 2022 - 02:33 AM

Get a Soul Linker alt, and you'll have your own aoe skill

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#4 PervySageMarty


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Posted 31 January 2022 - 05:49 PM

Throw Spirit Sphere actually does some pretty good damage, plus you can cast at a range so less moving needed for you. A cooldown of 1 second does mean its not that spammable but I think its still quite nice regardless.

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