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Adoramus AB questions in general [MVPing, Skills, Gears]

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#1 Lycette


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Posted 01 March 2022 - 04:09 AM

Hi, I'm a returnee in RO and my AB just hit 185. I use Adoramus as my main skill but I use ME as supplementary skill as well. I have a modest budget as the gears are generally expensive for a new comer so I have limited funds [around 6B]. So before I reset my stats and skills, I need some clarification and advice on what to do with my AB moving forward.


Current Stats:

Str: 72 (for extra weight capacity + gym pass to carry tons of gems, -60% mdef bypass if PDM's effect is followed)

Agi: 90 (reducing cast delay? this was planned using Skin of Typhon)

Vit: 90 (self explanatory. this was planned using Skin of Typhon)

Int: 120 (maximum bonus with Mob Scarf)

Dex: 120 (maximum bonus with Mob Scarf)

Luk: 26 (leftovers)


Current Gears:

+13 Amistr Beret [MHHS Card]

Sunglasses [MHHS Card]

Mob Scarf

+9 Abyss/Icefall/Samael

+13 Adoramus Holy Stick [Spell 5 MATK 2]

+12 Mad Bunny Special [Alice]

+7 Shoes of Punishment

+11 Deviant Etran's Undershirt [For tanking] +12 Geffen Magic Muffer [R.Arclouse] for DMG

Valkyrie Drop [Headless Mule]
PDM [Headless Mule]


Aco/Priest/AB Shadow Gear, only AB Shield is +10, the rest +4


Here are my top questions:


1. On MVPs, I struggle alot on damaging high MDEF bosses like Contaminated Dark Lord [200k-ish Adoramus DMG], is Vesper Card a necessity for AB? 

2. Currently I have a leveling skill build. If I reset I should free up 5 skill points from Renovatio and Cantocandidus. Should I go 10 Oratio or 6 Oratio 5 Expiatio??

3. Does Expiatio's -25% MDEF stacks with MDEF Bypassing Gears? Does it works against MVPs as well?

4. On MDEF Bypassing gears, does Magician's Glove and/or Perverse Demon Mask works on MVPs? (I only have PDM at this time so I can't really tell if it bypasses boss MDEF)

5. Is Ring of Nature a good investment for AB?

6. Is no cast no delay Adoramus attainable? For ME, how to reduce skill delay?

7. Should I change to +13/14 Valk Hammer + Illusion Gears [Manteau+Boots]?

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#2 vividort


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Posted 01 March 2022 - 06:20 PM

i believe gears with racial bypass works on bosses, gears that state only normal enemy dont, Expiatio is Really Good and works with other bypass gear. Oratio is not that big of a deal and it looks like the skill is bugged currently giving less res reduction than it should. Currently Ring of Nature only gives you +10% Matk and +10% magic damage increase cant see it being that big of a deal unless they bring the enchants. Adoramus and ME have cooldown with no way to reduce it, delay reduction is still good for casting lex aeterna in-between the skill hits tho.


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#3 FishDeity


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Posted 03 March 2022 - 02:06 PM

1.) Vesper Card is not a necessity, you can get M.DEF bypass from other equips like Magicians's Gloves [1] or Tempest Shadow sets .

2.) Getting Oratio or Expiatio depends on how you plan to get 100% M.DEF bypass. As vividort mentioned, Oratio's holy resist is currently bugged.

3.) Expiatio (strangely) does stack additively with other equips and it works against MVPs too.

4.) M.DEF bypassing equips do work against MVPs.

5.) Ring of Nature is not worth it for AB. You are better off with a Valkyrie Drop for the size modifier and extra slot.

6.) It's possible to have instant cast Adoramus. However, Adoramus and ME have cooldowns (not cast delay) so impossible for 0 cooldown.

7.) Someone else can answer this but I wouldn't make the switch. 


vividort mentioned spamming Lex Aeterna with low cast delay is good too if you have high reduction. This would be possible with Pilgrim Shoes and Lvl 10 Praefatio and can be an option.

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#4 Ashuckel


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Posted 04 March 2022 - 01:48 AM

Equipment with specify it working against boss or not with it's wording. "Normal monsters" are all non boss tagged ones,
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