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BB iRO Backslide Challenge - "Let the Fastest Man Win" - IRO Chaos

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Posted 30 May 2022 - 06:09 AM

26a1.png "Let the Fastest Man Win" #BackslideChallenge #IROChaos
1f451.png Grand Prize: Costume Sword of Thanatos [Minor Casting]1f451.png
Welcome to the BB iRO Backslide Challenge and Competition! Grand prize awaits for the most skilful thieves. Not only just speed, you need to come up with gears build, a lot of practices, and utmost precision. Please read the rules carefully. Hope you guys enjoy and have fun! 1f604.png
1f4c5.png Participating period: Today – 9 June 12:00pm (Next major maintenance)
1f60e.png Classes: Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser, and Thieves Jobs
Map: The Bed of Honor (Bio Lab 5)
1f6a9.png Checkpoints:
1) Start at the altar at any point next to it
2) By only using backslide, touch the 4 boards that give you buff within 3x3 of the board area (east, west, south, and center.)
3) You need to go up and down the stairs once each, and it can’t be the same stairs.
4) Come back to the altar finishing at any point next to it.
1f6a9.png Allowed items, buffs, and skills:
1) Blessing and Increase Agi. Casting other spells = disqualified
2) Food buffs and miscellaneous buffs
3) Elemental proof potions
4) Any potions and recovery items
1f6a9.png Prohibited items, buffs, and skills:
1) MVP cards
2) Any spells other than backslide
1f6a9.png Rules:
1) Only backsliding is allowed. Any walking = disqualified
2) Equipment window must be opened at all times.
3) Data/GRF edited and recorded backslide macro is not allowed.
4) Recording live gameplay only. Recording game replay will not be considered as legitimate entry.
5) You must post the clip under this Facebook post (https://www.facebook...375697284383902) with your character name. Multiple entries are allowed if you can beat your own records.
6) Time count will be counted from the clip time, not when you start and finish but when you start and stop recording.
3 legitimate entries with shortest clip time from different participants will be the winners. (You can use alt fb account, but please don't use 3 alt accounts to post 3 vids. I wouldn't know, but I would like to keep it 1 prize per person) 
1f60e.png Any changes and decisions made by BB iRO is final.
First - Costume Sword of Thanatos [Minor Casting]
Second - Costume Big White Cat [SP Absorb]
Third - 3x VIP Packages
Popular votes (most likes or reactions) – 3x Party Hard Packs
Looking forward to see a lot of fun entries. 1f970.png


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