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Discussion on job classes

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Posted 21 June 2022 - 01:35 AM

Dear DS Community,


First of all, I'm writing here out of my passion for the game and I had always wanted to see brighter potential for this game.


I just wish DS team listen to players and not shutting them down even before they express their views. All these are meant for balancing other classes to be in sync with x resistant update. 


What was good and like ?

- X resistant had thrown out the game style of x spammers and one sided game from classes like destroyer/invoker/summoner where no skills needed to play the game

- Kyros origin has attracted many players to return and it was one the good move to move forward this game and I'm excited to see more incoming

- Maintenance / patch fixes alot of bugs in the past (maps adjustment/ colors/ monster behaviour etc.)

- More new equips/ weapons/armors are added to the game

- Summoner finally has an orb skilling (similar like fire orb / ice orb)

- Some Feedbacks and community wish were taken in

- Twin class is currently on rework and hopefully is a good and balance for the class


What can be better?

- Since many has encountered problem with the last x spammer class, these classes skills were not adjusted to be in sync with x resistant monster play style

Here are some of the skills can be changed / proposed:-



- Two action shot / multiple shot (x spammer skills) can be replaced with a spammable skill (ie. ice orb/fire orb) can be anything creative (ie. spinning grenade/big rifle) creative with this with a cooldown from 2.5 to 5 secs

- Sniping can be reduced from 1 min to 45 secs with shortest 30 secs cooldown instead (since now it has been only reduced to 3 shots)

- Basic skill which increase physical attack / strength by 10% (in review of other classes each have 1 skill as such)

- Other skills are balanced enough



- Diffusion canon / Double shot (x spammer skills) can be replaced with any stronger skill (ie. fire wall / flamey stuff to spam) perhaps with 10 secs cooldown since they already have fire orb (5 secs cooldown)

- As current , invoker got really limited attacking skill set as compared to sorcerer 



- Elemental skills cast time is too long (even with 100% cast time reduction) perhaps can relook into this. Alot of the cast animation is way too slow to make an attack.


Sentinel might have some issue on x spamming skill related as well but I am not a sentinel player to comment but yeah i hope something similar will be relook into it.


I think dragoon/ overlord are balanced for x-resistant play mode.


Current patch experience:

Classes imbalance has ruined the experience of many players whether in market demand of certain jobs / playing experience / discrimination towards certain classes in party. 


The 3 classes above are difficult to play/use , many have been biased towards sorcerer/savage/ninja , some have even taken to the extreme in comparison.


What I hope to see?

Review the current job classes and share with players on the game experience on playing them


If situation stay as it is, perhaps a game streaming video on these classes will be good to guide players to play classes like this and run satisfactory rating from players.

If changes were to be made, get some feedback from players and run satisfactory rating on changes they made to each classes.


Satisfactory rating from players are the key thing for any game experience.


Again, with this said, I am just here to share my opinion only and I am no smarter or better than anyone else (pleaseeee I'm not here to compare / complain). I respect the DS team good work and contribution to this game.


I hope to see every class can come out shine in their own way and players are able to respect one another regardless of job classes they pick once like the original Dragonica was. Players can pick classes they love to play not because of power imbalance cause.


Thank you for reading this. Again, I wish to apologize if I touch on this topic.


Thanks regards,





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Posted 21 June 2022 - 10:49 AM

Thank you for your feedback but please know as already mentioned class balance for human classes and summoner is done.


Topic closed.



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