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About GX Build

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Posted 04 January 2023 - 07:17 PM

Hello guys!


I'm levelling daily, everything is going great right now. However I can't decide which equipments I should choose for my GX. My GX is a crit build and Im not using MA. Another thing is about my skills.


Stats that Im interested in: ATK / ASPD / CRİT DAMAGE / ALL SİZE DAMAGE


Main Skills Im using: Rolling Cutter / CRS / Weapon Blocking / Counter Slash / Cross Impact


Q1: I think my skill damages are a little low. Cross Impact damage is very good but RC / CRS / Counter Slash seems pretty low. Especially weapon blocking stops me (makes a delay) and after that seeing low damage is pretty annoying (around 25K-30K while mobs HP are around 80K-100K) Will these skills be buffed or is there anything I can do about it?


Q2: I can't choose equips for my GX excep Arabian Manteau and my Crimson Katar. Need suggestions for the rest equipments. Equipments that I discovered so far:


Headgear: Ruff Officer / General Helm

Midgear: Little Garden / Imperial Feather / Gambler's Seal / Diabolus Wing 

Lowgear: Royal Guard Necklace

Armor: Illusion Armor Type A / Diabolus Armor

Shoes: Booster Shoes

Accessories: ???


Are there any better options for my GX? If these are the most optimal choices which set should I go for? Please also note that I'm a F2P player and it took 4 months for me to buy the Arabian Manteau  :) So I can't afford items that are over 1B. But if they are cheaper I can save zeny daily and I can buy them in a few months  :)


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


As always, thanks in advance!

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