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Dual Daggers vs. Katar for CI?

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Posted 09 January 2024 - 09:56 AM

Hello everyone,

Recently I've been on a journey to get aproximately a 100m CI into Phantom Amdarais (Old Glas Heim Challenge) in order to easily clear it with my current Shadow Cross (Lvl 221) and my GX alts soon to be ShadowX.

I used to use an +12 Awakened Shiver Katar [x2 True Eremes] (Not enchanted yet), but after watching two YT videos, one DEFINITELY not budget using a Mk 47 [Drake Card] + Valkyrie Knife [PWM + TE + AK] and end game items hitting 250m+ per CI; and another YT vid supposedly budget using a +15 Crimson Dagger + Valkyrie Knife combo [x3 Gan Ceann + x3 TE] and some items focused in Undead/Shadow damage increase hitting for 115m. T

hese videos made me go to an online calculator where it is apparently missing something when calculating dual weapon damage and cards because even though that Crimson Dagger has a nice Atk bonus when upgraded to +15, the Katar has CI bonus, ATK% bonus and such. Yet, when all the six cards are calculated there the dagger damage exponentially exceeds Katars by a huge margin (around 50-60%). Yet in practice I've found out that my Katar still does more damage than dual daggers Q.Q

Current Gear:


+12 Old Bone Circlet (Acute Lv 5)
Heavenly Order
Old Camouflage Scarf
+12 Awakened Shiver Katar [x2 TE] +15 Crimson Dagger [x2 Gan Cean] & +12 Valkyrie Knife [x2 TE + x2 Abysmal Knight]
+9 Avareco [Galensis]

+7 Enforcer Shoes

x2 Ring of Silver Claw [x2 Dolorian Card]

Current Stats:

Str: 125

Agi: 100

Vit: 100

Int: 76
Dex: 1

Luk: 125

POW: 86


*Im missing the episodes quest to build my +12 Auto Armor with x2 (ATK) + (Sonic Impact) will be done in the next days
**I know Daggers penalty on large monsters is 50%, but Katars have 75% damage penalty. So the damage shouldn't be as equal, considering I have more multipliers with 6 cards than only 2 and few bonus with Katar.
***My Critical with both types of weapons is 230+, so Im not missing critical with either.

****The only benefit directly of daggers is that Crimson is Holy property, saving Aspersio scrolls.

*****I have Lvl 5 in each hand mastery, Lv 10 Katar Mastery and Lv 5 Adv katar mastery.


Am I missing something obvious in my testing?

Maybe Abysmal Knight cards are not calculated throughout all  Mini-Bosses and Bosses accordingly? This is my suppossition, I might try to de-card both AK and place 1 TE and 1 Gan Ceann and try again. But seems odd that is the case.

Any insight in this will be appreciated! Worst case scenario that daggers are just inferior in all cases without Drake, I'll just sell the daggers and save up for the next upgrades: Little Garden, Jupiter Ring, Shadow Equipment for damage.


Edited by Totosai, 09 January 2024 - 09:59 AM.

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Posted 14 January 2024 - 06:36 PM



I'm not sure why too. Your stats look fine. Perhaps you're missing buffs? It'd be better if u can join the irowiki discord and share your file of your test build so others can check.

As for auto armor, i think Attacker Force is better than Sonic Impact for that last mod.

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