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Offline chat voucher similar to the offline vend voucher

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Posted 18 March 2024 - 05:47 PM

If the offline vending can be implemented, why not copy and tweak a few codes to allow players to create offline chat? This will allow players to advertise their prized items through Eden without having to leave their PC on all day. It's 2024 and no one really leaves their computers on 24/7 anymore.


Give us an NPC that sell offline chat vouchers for 1m a piece. All buy, sell and offers inquiries will go to Rodex.



Good for the game economy since thousands of players will be buying these vouchers at 1m a piece.

Implementing this will take off a lot of loads on the servers. You guys won't have to perform as many server maints which will free up time for tiktok fixing bugs.

The computer can shutdown periodically due to an update or faulty connections.

Leaving the PC on 24/7 waste electricity and can be a hazard when not at home.

Less PC running = less electricity which is good for environment.

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