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WPS Rules And Prizes *updated 12/9/09*

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#1 Kraben


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Posted 22 July 2010 - 03:06 PM

Q2 was a great experiment, and I think we can smooth it out a bit.

Rule Adjustments

  • All points individual guilds acrue stay on that guild.
  • Alliance pool will be used to determine the "leaders", for the 1 - 3 and WPS entry.
  • Points the guild has are spendable by the individual guild, guilds can work together (within alliances) to get expensive prizes. see rule 6.
  • Alt guilds can only be used if the guild it is alting for DOES NOT WOE that WOE. This should only be used when the real guild has a leader that has to be absent, it will not be used as a chance to acrue more points than otherwise possible.
  • A guild can spend its own points by itself eg. if it wants to spend 20 points and has 32 points, its "donation" is now 12, but the alliance points stay the same (so we know how much total was won).
  • If a guild wants to give some of its points to another guild in the alliance it can do that via it emailing.
  • 1st place = 4 points bonus to each guild in alliance.
  • 2nd place = 3 points bonus to each guild in alliance.
  • 3rd place = 2 points bonus to each guild in alliance.

    *note* I am going to be making NPCs and tokens that I can hand guild leaders when they want to cash in a prize. Stuff like the starsands, or resetting character seal status can be handled via that future NPC. For now it is still email me and I'll do my best to promptly get the items exchanged.

    As always any updates to the roster of alliance should be sent by all the guilds in the alliance so we can update appropriately.


  • Alliances will be 3 - 4 registered Guilds.
  • The in-game alliance does NOT matter, it is what is registered for is how points are awarded.
  • Each Guild will get points individually tracked.
  • A guild "owning" a castle at the end of the WoE will earn 1 pt.
  • A successful hold will get 3 points for each guild in the alliance.
  • All points of the guilds in the alliance will be "pooled" into 1 grand total of points for the alliance.
  • If a guild withdraws from an alliance when it is not at a quarter break, will have all their points 0ed. (so an alliance with 78 points has "GM Team guild" that had 16 points earned for its actions, will then be 62 alliance points and the alliance only having x-1 guilds in it. Points earned in one alliance do NOT transfer, the alliance will lose the points that guild earned for them.

    A castle win = 1 pt for the guild and 1 pt for the alliance
    A Castle hold = 3 for guild and 9 or 12 points for the alliance.
  • A group of persons may only be in 1 alliance at a time, in only 1 guild. Alt guilds used for the purpose of accruing more points for a small group of people is not what we want to allow here, it breaks the system and is not fair. So the guilds doing this will be 0ed out for points. You are earning points for the alliance through your guilds efforts, trying to get more through alt guild/alliances is the main point we are trying to address with this rule.
  • We can discuss if announced alt guilds could be "subs" for their main. So for instance DC and D C on chaos are same group, they may be able to act as 1 guild. This is not fully worked out but is an idea we are willing to entertain. Certainly only 1 of those guilds could be active in 1 WoE (all or nothing both can't be active at same time else it allows for extra point getting and more recalls than is intended) Again as with rule 8, the groups of people that occupy the guilds in the alliance is what needs to be the cohesive "whole" that we are awarding points to.
  • The top 3 places will get bonus alliance points at end of quarter points spent on prizes are taken from the ALLIANCE pool of points and distributed to the guilds inside at their discretion. Likely having a GM in-game talking with the 3-4 leaders is the way this will have to be done. The "cash in" can be done whenever, preferably before or after a WoE after contacting Heimdallr for it.
  • Only WoE 1 castles are counted for points
  • If a god item is selected as a prize the value is below, if the alliance held the castle that holds that piece the price-10 points applies.


Thor's Guntlet 25
Iron Maiden 30
Wrath of Valkyrie 30
Billow 30
Omen of Tempest 40
Tread of Cat 50
Woman's Moustache 50
Root of Stone 50
Salvia of Bird 30
Sinew of Bear 40
Wheel of the Unknown 25
Feather of Angel Wing 35
Spirit of Fish 25
Emblem of the Sun 45
Breath of Spirit 25
Freya's Jewel 40
Silver Ornament 30
Snow Crystal 25
Ripple 25
Drifting Air 25

1 point 30 Karvo
1 point 500 Witch starsand
1 point 70 Alcohol
1 point 200 Immortal Hearts
1 point 60 Speed pots
1 point 100 Crystal Fragments (kaite protect)
1 point 50 Elemental Proof Potions
50 point Close all seals on a Premium server.

100 point Close all seals on Valkyrie server.
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#2 Masterpiece


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Posted 23 July 2010 - 06:04 PM

Wow i wish i were a guild leader <.<;
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Posted 27 July 2010 - 06:44 AM

ETA on transferring points between guilds: 2-3weeks.

Make sure if you are going to do this that you provide all the details of the accounts in question and make sure you list which characters the points are going from and to. Do not remove your points from those characters or put them in storage, because when the GMs log in to perform the transfer they will not go looking for the points on your account.
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#4 Pasita


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Posted 25 August 2010 - 01:04 PM

I was not aware you could even put the wps points into storage... I have not been able to move them.

On side note some rule about who you can transfer your points to should be added, as it seems you can only transfer them between the guilds registered in the official alliance...
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