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My shot at the Christmas Event

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Posted 09 August 2010 - 10:48 PM

1. Mystcase, Cruiser, Cookie/christmas cookie turn in quest. Simple but fun for lower levels. Maybe give santa bags for 300 kills

2. Let's bring back Antonio and have him, at the behest of Stormy Knight, play on the BioLabs monsters resentment for not getting christmas and enlist them to steal Santa's presents. Modify the spawn for the maps immediately surrounding towns to spawn the first class Bio monsters (maybe wearing Santa hats) to maybe 10 per map that drop "Stolen Gifts." In addition have santa porings, Christmas orcs/goblins and Cruisers that drop Stolen Gifts spawning in the toy factory.
Make the stolen gifts account bound and implement a reward for so many turned in, something along the lines of:

50 - Small amount of base and/or job exp or OBB
100 - Moderate amount of base and/or job exp or OPB
150 - Large ammount of base and/or job exp and a Santa Bag
200 - OCA
1000 - MCA or 100 KVM medals

Next, increase the spawn of Stormy Knight or create circumstances for an instanced version whom, upon defeat, would allow players to talk to an NPC in Lutie (Maybe one of the Continental Messengers but done up like a Bios Monster) that will either spawn a Christmas themed Bio MVP on Lutie field or warp the player to an instanced Lutie field with the MVP there. Modify the drops so they drop "Santa's Stolen Bag" that the player can turn in to santa for for a new christmas themed Headgear.

Reindeer Santa Hat (Exactly what it sounds like, antlers overlapped onto the Santa Hat)
Def: 0
Mdef: 2
Decrease damage from demihuman monsters by 10%
When worn with Clown nose, Increase damage dealt to demihuman monsters by 5%

3. Throw some fun Christmas hats in the Kafra Shop, one idea I've been kicking around for a while was:

Antonio's Santa Hat:
Def: 3
Mdef: 2
When worn with Eye Patch and Grandpa Beard allows use of teleport lvl 1. Durring the month of December Increases exp from Myst Case, Cruiser, Cookie and Christmas Cookie by 20%.

Finally make the Santa Bags from this event an accessory and have them work like the Towels from the summer event.

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