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The Book Of Sushi

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Posted 06 June 2011 - 05:57 PM

Year X, Log I

In the beginning ... the world of Dragon Saga was of void, and only darkness spread throughout the face of the planet. Then the Dragon Lord said, �??Let there be life and there was life.�?? However, this did not come without a price. For with the presence of life, tribulation would always follow suit. And thus, a young unfortunate girl by the name of Haruka, was banished from her heavenly sushi restaurant, never to smell that divine fishy aroma again! With the worldly balance shifted, it came to pass that on the third day, plagues of egg shushi and fried shrimp udon began to employ invasive tactics on ill-fated Japanese restaurants all over the world, slowly devouring the planet as we know of!

Nevertheless, as legends proclaimed, a heroine from the light appeared before Haruka, claiming to be the saviour of her restaurant. The heroine had GOD-LIKE-CONTROL, but no name. Thus Haruka bestowed upon her the name Katzuki, and it was made so. Katzuki would bring about peace to the land once more and stop the incessant wrath of the Japanese culinary delights.

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Upon arrival to the ancient mystical restaurant of no return, Katzuki came upon an Onigiri. It was cute and round and looked extremely tasty. But this was no ordinary Onigiri. Life seemed to emanate from its seaweed encased, sticky rice innards. The gastronomic delicacy began to glow a fierce spicy red, while Katzuki applauded as she was amused, and it was so. And lo and behold, it indeed was a Spicy Onigiri, as tears came to her eyes from the peppery fragrance emitted.

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Yet Katzuki knew that there was no time for childish play and advanced forward, trudging into the depths of hell ... the kitchen. With one foot into the door, there came a sudden fierce roar that scorned upon Katzuki and she was transported to Sycorax�??s island; an invite into the shadowy pits of solitude with Erebus.

All hope seemed to be lost as Katzuki knew that this was the infamous Chef Han Ro. But then there came a deafening voice from the heavens above, �?? USE THE MONKEY BOMBS!�?? To which Katzuki replied back, �??Huh ... WRONG GAME! This ain�??t Black Ops!�?? And the celestial voice replied, �??OH ... EH HEM ... I MEANT TO SAY ... BELIEVE IN THE HEART OF THE CARDS!�?? To which Katzuki replied back, �??WTH ..... wrong again!�?? And so, the somewhat pretty pathetic by now, yet still godly voice replied, �??YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST NINJA FRENZY THAT ^&*(@#$!!�??

And so, Katzuki transformed into a ninja and SKY PENETRATED the malevolent Chef Han Ro. Thus, the malicious creature was defeated and peace restored back to the world and Haruka�??s restaurant.

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As Katzuki leapt for joy and celebrated her victory, wondering what awe-inspiring reward awaited her, Haruka bestowed upon her the most spectacular prize ever offered ... a shrimp sushi balloon! Katzuki looked in disbelief. It was just an ordinary balloon! Sure it increased her movement speed by 4% but still! What a rip-off!! And on top of that, it looked as if Katzuki would have to dedicate her life to collecting wires, pendants, jewels and petals for Haruka in order to maintain the restaurant. And of course, Haruka would bestow upon Katzuki more wonderful gifts ... so wonderful that they only lasted for 19 days. And hence, Katzuki spent the remainder of her life collecting for Haruka and refreshing the time limits on her cash items like Moses once did up on Mt. Sinai.

Entry log for the day completed. Oh how I wish 06/23/2011 would come so that I can stop this nonsense ... and yes ... I refer to myself in the third person for a more dramatic effect ><�??


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* LOL see how many references you can find above ^^�??
Costume B please if this is considered. =)

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