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Good Class to Start Over?

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#1 RainbowMuse


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Posted 29 June 2011 - 12:02 AM

Okay so I have a moderately high level geneticist, 13x, and it's fun to play and all but I'm really growing tired of how god damn SQUISHY the thing is. It's so annoying to main a class that does crazy good damage and is so fun but gets oneshotted by a Royal Guard's first melee poke. It's so freaking frustrating. Not to mention, to make it more useful in PvP I need to be able to use my Thorn Trap so I can Hell Plant people more effectively, but the prickly fruits are impossible to find on ragial, I don't have a brewer genetic so I can't make the seeds myself if I do have them, and the thorn plant seeds themselves are rarely to never found on ragial at all. So needless to say, I'm kind of tired of my class and was looking for a class to start fresh with. Plus, I just made a brand new email address and WP account with it, and I want to start anew on it. So I was wondering what to go for.

What I'm looking for: I'm an active WoE member, I like to be a damage dealer but not an outright bulk main front-liner. I've supported in the past and it's a possibility. Not quite positive on EXACTLY which class I want, which is why I'm posting this thread. So I'll write my ins and outs of each class as far as I'm concerned. Going to do it in Ragnarok Site Class List order.

Rune Knight: Rather not, don't feel like making a mounted/swordie class. Not really my thing. Plus, it's way too popular.

Warlock: I've considered it, but the squish factor is even higher here, so probably not.

Ranger: Hell to the no. I once made a list of third classes I would want to make in order, ages ago, and ranger was always at the bottom, no matter how I rearranged it based on desires.

Mechanic: BAHAHAHA no. As someone on this forum once said, can't remember who, "Blacksmiths and alchemists were once of a similar but opposite nature. Now, geneticists get to run around really fast and blow stuff up. Mechanics get to walk really slow and wind up blowing themselves up." Besides, if I were to make another merchant class, I'd just make a brewer geneticist. Mechanics are annoying at low levels from what I've heard.

Guillotine Cross: One of the strongest contenders for me at this point. My one concern is slow nontrans/trans leveling and slow third leveling now that the turn in events are over. And also, the gear requirement to not completely fail is a turn-off. But overall, the kawaii, pvp-beast, and high HP-mod nonsquish factors are winning me over.

Arch Bishop: Not so sure here. I have a 104 AB, but it's shared. I really would like to have a sacrament arch bishop, but I don't know if I would like to main support in WoE. I'm actually a really good supporter, my main was priest (that 104 AB was my first big main) since I started playing pre-renewal last may, and I've had a lot of practice and can support very well. And the reverse-nerf of high heal made me much more inclined to main an arch bishop. My HUGE concern is slow leveling nontrans/trans, because battle priest somehow doesn't appeal to me, kind of hard to level before you get higher aspd.
EDIT: The hard leveling for this class specifically is not a big turn-off for me because I've always loved supporting, and it would be fun to do it again on a brand new character and take it all the way to 150.

Royal Guard: Nope. Same reasons as RK, don't really want mounted/swordie class. Plus, they annoy me too much by oneshotting my geneticist with a tiny little melee poke, and they piss me off so greatly that I want nothing to do with the class. -___- XD

Sorcerer: My other big contender. The squish factor is much less than warlock, easy to level nontrans/trans due to hindsight and bolting, and the power at high levels is awesome. My main concern is how I would like the class once I'm leveling it enough. I'm not sure if a magic class is my thing, so I'd probably have to borrow a friend's to test it out before I decide it as my main.

Maestro/Wanderer: Nah. B00000ring. Severe Rainstorm looks pretty fun, but it's expensive as hell to level. Besides, a 150 wanderer/maestro's job in WoE is to totally screw people up, not kill them. That is, if you do it the right way. ;D (in the words of :+:Gypsy Tears:+:, he said something like it at one point I've known him.)

Geneticist: my whole reason for this is to change my main, so obviously not. I'd just level my 13x one @_____@

Shadow Chaser: It's a very low possibility, but still one nonetheless. Again, not a killer, or a very efficient one anyway, and it's like wanderer and maestro in a way because it's more bent on the screw people over during siege thing than the power killer kinda thing.

Sura: I have a lv 100 sura, but I plan on using her only as a Gentle Touch: Revitalize slave. I would want to main a sura, but my main concern is going through the leveling of monk and champion all over again, and that kind of doesn't appeal to me. Another turn off is the near-requirement of a +9 KVM fist to even function efficiently. But yeah, it's a possibility, and being the strongest pvp class in my opinion, it's a very good possibility. But again with the re-doing nontrans and trans thing.

OOOOKAY. Thank you for bearing with me if you read this far. So in effect, it's basically down to GX, AB, Sorcerer, or Sura. They're all great classes, but what I really want people to do is re-read my ins and outs on those four classes and give me an honest opinion based on what you've read of my experience as to which I should play. Thank you guys so much for your time and I'm looking forward to starting my new main. ^-^

EDIT: I've also considered re-starting on Ymir, which would give me a more valid, unrefutable reason to start anew. Opinions wanted on that as well.

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#2 DrAzzy


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Posted 29 June 2011 - 08:49 AM

Royal guard exceed break bug, which is 1-shotting you, is getting nerfed. I've been 1-shotted by it - on a rune knight with >50k hp. It does near-gfist damage, 1-shots almost everyone.

Thorn seeds seem to be available on Ymir lately, interestingly enough. There's one guy who's been selling huge piles of them for a fairly sane price, along with piles of other genetic ammo.

Sura or GX sounds like the way to go for a second char.

Sura wants the KVM weapon, but GX needs it for WoE. In WoE, GX's are scary with +9 or higher KVM weap. They keep procing that 193 aspd thing... with EDP on, the DPS is actually kinda scary. Suras are a lot more versitile in what they're able to do in woe/pvp though.

On the other hand, GX's are good general purpose item farming chars, if you do that at all.
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#3 RainbowMuse


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Posted 29 June 2011 - 03:28 PM

Thanks Azzy, I already semi-decided on GX from my friend's opinions and now this puts it over the top. Thanks a lot for the info ^-^
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#4 Axiluvia


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Posted 27 July 2011 - 04:24 PM

Personally, I *would* go for a mechanic. If you do an AGI/VIT/STR build, they can get a REALLY high ASPD, and aren't that squishy. I've seen just a mastersmith out DPS assassins and RKs/RGs on Magmarings (except the RKs doing clashing spiral).

I'd say geneticists vs mechanics are opposites since Geneticists spend money tossing junk at people, and mechanics can just go up and beat the everloving crap out of it.
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