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Test Server Suggestions

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Posted 26 August 2010 - 02:21 PM

Renewal is a coming, and a lot of things get changed; too many things to test, if the server is setup the way Sakray was. To facilitate the investigation of the new rule sets, mechanics, leveling, and classes, how about the following additional helper NPCs, beyond or replacing the Sakray ones:

Kafra Shop NPC (all items free): The server should have 1x base rates, for people to get a feel for the new leveling system. Items will also be sold for getting levels faster.
+10 Stat Foods
Battle Manual
Bubble Gum
Book of Ymir (30 minutes, Provide 1.5x EXP rate and 1.5x drop rate, stackable with other rate bonuses)
Book of Sakray (30 minutes, Provide 25x EXP rate and 25x drop rate, stackable with other rate bonuses)
Gym Pass (Ripped Callus nearby)
Medium Life Potion
Old Card Album (For the cards we forgot. Buy them and pop them, use the duplication NPC to get more.)
Prize Medal (go get your rare armors and weapons, or level the easy way)

Duplication NPC: This NPC will allow people to get quantities of things we didn't think to sell, and facilitate over-upgrading (by duplicating high + equips), necessary to test changes to that system.
Will duplicate any equipment in your inventory, including upgrade level, armor enchants, blacksmith, and cards, as long as you have space and weight.
Will multiply by 2, the quantity of any non-equipment item in your inventory, as long as you are not overweight.

Equipment Lottery NPC: This NPC will provide a totally random equipment, if you are not overweight.

Class Change NPC (replacing previous class change NPC): The quests to go to third classes should be left intact, with no short cuts.
Can bypass class change quests for any non-trans character.
Will provide EXP to boost any lvl 95+ non-trans character to lvl 99.
Will provide JEXP to boost any job lvl 65+ character to job 70.
Will set zeny to 1,285,000, save in center Pront, provide a Butterfly Wing, and teleport to Juno Academy.
Will set zeny to 0, and teleport to base of Ymir's Heart (this way the trans quest system and job change is still used).

PS: I hope we will get a space to make some input about the new mechanics and classes.
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