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Laling's Wonderland

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Posted 30 December 2011 - 03:10 PM

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Hi my name is Laling and i mite seem liek the cutesy wewtsy type who loves 2 chitchat
but soz im mostly out daydreaming in my other delusional world where i have another life so i may not always respond
first of all id like to point out my trusty multipurpose bear friend that always keeps me observed at all times, his name is pedro.
:Emo_18: We share a beautiful relationship and i cant live without him.

check out my magical floating mirror cuz what kind of house doesnt have a magical floating mirror!??!
errday i ask it whos the fairest of them all and u know it,
dam rite my prices in the market are fair so u better buy that sh- op out!

i got a pretty front lawn for well duh.. prettyness :).
Books.. ah yes those rectangle edible thingies..nomnom i have
a couple of those that ive bought from sum cartoon girl convention.

i get free house rent cuz whenever my butler stores the money i pay him
in that safe of his, i pickpocket the flying fadoodles out of it like u do
in skyrim cuz hes too blind to even realize thers no passcode.

all is welcome 2 my crib, especially the lil boiz and gurlz (i gotz candiez beside the bed <3).
im rly kind so thers no need 2 be shy :Emo_18:. i've got a large table set up for all the guests in the world so come along my frends :Emo_18:

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Thanks TinaHeart, OUTAT(PAULOOO), PAULOOO(JuJugirlxD), and SnowChild for posturing in my crib for the screen shot.
please excuse my terrible grammar. :)


Items used:
-Gray Edge Wallpaper
-Grey Square Mosaic Floor Tile
-Turquoise Single Bed
- Blue wooden Tea Table
- Wooden Coffee Table
-Blue Wooden Desk
-Modern Brown Chair
-Modern Brown Dressing Table
-Wheeled Pastel Closet
-Wall Bookshelf
-Prune Candy Interior Prop
-Red Brick Fireplace
-Pororing Picture Frame
-Dark Green Large Mirror
-Modern Brown Mailbox
-Swellfish Safe
-Christmas Tree
-Christmas Chimney
-Christmas Window
-Mini Mini Garden x2

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Posted 30 December 2011 - 06:29 PM

Uhh.. Yeah...

Thanks Nap .. LOL

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