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what is ymir like?

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#1 antikv


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 09:51 PM

hellos, i have finally convienced my friend to play ro with me again= =after like 4 years of inactive-ness.....this game was has being a big part of our child-hood...i personally first played the game when i was in th 5th grade (im asian, i first played on Cro which is shut down now) and have been playing it till now (im 22 and a 3rd year university student) i've tried to quit the game countless times, but kept finding myself coming back. i just cant seem to bring myself in deleting the client= =
i've being playing the valk server for the past 2 years on iro. but was discouraged to level, due to the high population of bots, zany spammers and KS-ers.

having convinced my friend to come play iro with me (we decided we are gonna get a lvl150 account on a legit sever b4 quoting) i decided to give ro another chance. we plan to play on ymir,since ymir is a premium sever, we we are assuming there would be less bots, and more people to socialize .
and less to competition with over monsters to grind.
our primary concern is is valk's level/drop system the same as ymir's (drop/exp rate decrease/increase when ur out of lvl range)
and what the economy is like? (stupid bots under pricing everything)
and are woe well balanced (im a very competitive person, but had completely given up woeing on valk, walking back death after death just isnt fun at all)

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#2 Sera


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Posted 31 January 2012 - 09:58 PM

There are few bots, you'll find most maps are comfortably empty, most people just do TIs.
There are few people to socialize with though. Join a guild for sure.
The level/drop system is the same, I think the penalty for drops has been removed though for the time being, and there's a drop event next week.
The economy revolves mostly around the cash shop, a lot of people have items, but only a few people have zeny. If you collect needed catalysts, you shouldn't have much trouble moving them for a fair price.
WoE hasn't been balanced since DC quit like a year or two ago.

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