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Making decent money at low levels (Calder)

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Posted 25 July 2010 - 04:01 AM

There are always tons of threads about making money at lower levels. This really isn't that difficult if you are intelligent about things.

Picking up drops.

Pick up EVERYTHING that drops. And I do mean everything, even twigs, they all sell for zuly and you need a starting point.

Selling drops.

Certain drops are more valuable than others, make sure to check out the markets in Zant and preferably Junon Polis before selling ANYTHING. Check out the material seller in Zant (Ulysses) anything he sells you can NPC, people don't generally bother buying NPC mats from shops. Any materials he doesn't sell check out the crafting lists and see what they are used for (some aren't used yet) if they aren't used for anything that is valuable NPC them.

Avoid selling items to the shops set up in Adventurers Plains, don't get me wrong these shops are NOT all scammers but some of them are, you may find you sold your glue for 1k when in reality it can sell for upwards of 40k at the moment. Check prices in the other towns as I said before.

Some basic mats that have a decent selling price that you should not NPC are: (not giving prices the market fluctuates too much.)

  • Glues
  • Dyes
  • Low & Regular Essence?
  • Gems
  • Talismans and Bindrunes
  • Insect Wings
  • Bird, Little Angel and Little Devil Feathers

There are others but those are the most common and sought after at the moment.

Selling Equipment drops.

Now this is something I made a mistake on early on. Some equipment is more valuable than others because of the added stats or appraisal stats. Check out the market but generally things with +6 or better of a base stat like strength will sell on the open market also things like + Accuracy and + Dodge or Defense are good, pay special attention to what the armour is compared to it's stats. For example a +6 Strength soldier armour or weapon is far more valuable than a +6 Intelligence soldier armour or weapon. With the remaining garbage armour or weapons? you have two choices, NPC them or my favourite is to dissassemble them. Everyone has the basic skill to disassemble items and sometimes you get some very good mats from the items. Usually (certainly not always) you'll get close to the NPC value of the weapon or armour in materials so you're not really out anything and you stand the chance of getting materials far higher in value than the NPC value of the item itself (plus materials stack so you clear inventory space.)

A note about Disassembling items. It seems to me you get far more materials from a repaired item than one with low life left on it. Use repair hammers (cheaper than NPC repair usually) on items you intend to disassemble first. You can of course check if the NPC repair is cheaper than the hammer and on low level items this is often the case.

Item Appraisal.

You can take your chances selling items before appraising them but I prefer to do the appraisal myself, the value unappraised is no where near the value if an item has exceptional stats on it. But this is of course your choice, an unappraised item will sell for more than an item with bad stats.

A note about Item Appraisal:? The items stats are determined when the item drops. Charm has nothing to do with it, neither does life span. Just appraise the items nothing you do after that item has dropped will change the stats on it.

Working the economy.

This is something that many people do for great profit, it isn't as fun as just playing and farming but it is effective. Buy things that are in demand and resell them at a higher price. You remember my comment about the shops in AP earlier, that is what those people are doing. Please avoid being a scammer, a lot of new people in the game need zuly just as much as you do, they don't realize that prices vary as they do and they don't deserve to be robbed by some idiot looking to become rich overnight. Pay a fair price and make a fair profit, it works out much better than being labeled an idiot no one wants to deal with.

Discounting NPC items

Dealers have a passive skill called Discount which allows them to buy items cheaper from the NPC's than other characters do. This is why you see food shops selling stacks of meat or juice cheaper than the NPC. This is a slow process but it does add up over time. Making just a few zuly per item and selling thousands of those items every night will eventually make you very comfortable. You can also use this skill for things like ammunition and carts.

Selling items in towns where that item is not available.

Scrolls are the best example of this and the most lucrative. You can buy town scrolls from the Food seller in all towns but you can only buy THAT towns scroll. I can't count the number of times I have seen people asking for a Zant scroll in JP or an AP scroll in Zant. You can make a nice profit and sell out very fast adding about 50% to the price of a scroll, so anywhere from 750 to 1000z for AP scrolls in Zant generally sell quickly. Like anything you can ask a stupid price like 5000z for a scroll and someone in desparate need will buy one, but if your prices are fair people will buy a few and you'll sell out much quicker, turn over is the important thing here not profit per item!

Playing the market with items.

This is the most dangerous but the most lucrative way of making money. Finding out what is hot on the market, shopping for and buying it and reselling it for a profit. You can easily make 10-15k on one item if you are careful and shop wisely. You can also lose a lot of zuly if the market falls out of an item. Or a very good example were the Item Mall Aruas blessings. Many people bought stacks of them to resell only to have the game admin make them untradeable. These people spent a great deal of their money for an item they can no longer sell. Remember if a crafting recipe gets changed that glue that sells for 40k today may be NPC fodder tomorrow. Be very careful doing this and don't sink all your money into one thing or you could very well be broke tomorrow!


Stockpiling items.

This is just as dangerous if not more so than playing the market, but it can be extremely lucrative. Look for items that seem to be far below their normal market value and buy and storage them for later. This could take months to pay off but it could pay huge returns. For example, I honestly believe the market for Grade one gems is far below what it should be at the moment. So I buy them when the price seems low enough and put them in storage. I probably have enough grade one gems to make quite a few Grade 7 gems at the moment. If the market goes back to where it was I will make easily a few million zuly on it, if it doesn't I'm out a fair amount and have a storage full of worthless items.

Spending your zuly.

Do NOT buy items you don't need. Honestly you don't need to upgrade your weapon and armour at low levels. Search until you find a good set and refine them. Low level Talismans and Bindrunes sell for almost nothing now, a good set of level 10 armour refined to 4 or 5 is far better than an NPC set of level 30 armour. Same goes for weapons.

Don't buy items you don't need, and watch food prices. Food prices are a bit out of whack if you ask me, to gain 25 HP or MP from an item you are almost paying double at the lower levels, now I think the better food items heal faster but that isn't worth the zuly in my opinion when you're at the point where you're buying stacks of it and you don't have money to burn.


Do any quests you can find, most pay experience, zuly and occasionally items for rewards and if you do them at the right level you're fighting mobs you would be fighting to level anyways. Often the weapons you're given are better than anything on the open market anyways (low level items are not that common in shops I find).

?Anyways, just a few tips to get you started. You may not make millions doing these things but you should survive comfortably.
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#2 IceMaverick


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Posted 29 July 2010 - 11:43 AM

Very useful, a lot of it IS common sense, but in my experience with helping low levels, i find that they lack common sense in MMOs. I watch noobs slay something, see it drop an item that sells for 40k and just move on like they didnt even see it drop. Then i see that same guy asking for money about 10 minutes later ;) I do believe noob intelligence is rapidly declining as time goes on, so articles like this are useful... If the noobs were smart enough to find them xD
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#3 sumofishy


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Posted 17 August 2010 - 02:47 PM

hey your a novice kid
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Posted 23 September 2010 - 11:28 AM

hey your a novice kid

Don't be ignorant, posting has nothing to do with game experience.
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#5 MarcCarlo


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Posted 25 October 2012 - 02:53 PM

Sir, I'm new to this game, and may I ask how do you appraise an item?
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#6 Zurn


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Posted 25 October 2012 - 03:31 PM

Sir, I'm new to this game, and may I ask how do you appraise an item?

Ah I missed this one!

Go to Canyon City of Zant, talk to Mina to appraise items.
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Posted 08 January 2013 - 11:28 PM

Quests, and don't just take out one quest. You have 10 quest slots, so use them. Also, many quests require the same mobs or mobs in the same area. Ie. Rackies have several quests including the "hero quest chain". By compleating multiple quests at once, you will make a lot zulie quickly. Every map on the planet of Junon has a repeatable quest that can be farmed out for zulie.
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